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Best Guide On How To Get Paid To Play Games Online-Get Started Today

Offering game-play tutorials is a great way to attract new audiences and earn money without game play. Your YouTube channel or streaming site makes money with every person who clicks on it. For example, advertisers pay Google to display ads on videos. Google has YouTube, a division of the Alphabet.

You are going to learn four easy steps on how to make money playing games online!

This guide is proposed for people who want to test video games. It’s not about playing card games and winning prizes. This is for serious video game testers.


Let’s clear the air:

The gaming industry is worth $ 50 billion. World of Warcraft has approximately 8 million users. Making quality games and MMORPGs is crucial for game developers. They need their games to be bug-free. Paying a few thousand dollars to a game tester costs pennies compared to millions of dollars to test their game, remembering and remaking the game.

Making money to play games is serious business. The game can be played over and over again for many hours, but you can earn up to $ 120 per hour. When you start now, expect to earn $ 10- $ 20 per hour.

If you want to make money playing games online, you first need to know where to look for jobs. I mean …


Step 1: Make a good list.

Make a list of all the game developers involved in online games (such as Blizzard). If you have a list of 10-20 companies you would like to work for, start visiting their websites every few days and check for job postings. Please apply as soon as you see one — it will improve your rental opportunities.

Step 2: Find out who the appointment is

If you can find out who is responsible for hiring game testers (before the job is posted), you have the upper hand. Send a personalized cover letter to this person and follow up with the call. Let him know who you are and what your skills are.

You would like to emphasize these three skills:

  1. Good communication skills
  2. Pay attention to details
  3. Patience

You are there to test the games, have fun! Sell ‚Äč‚Äčthem your ability to play more extended hours and your focused attention to detail. They want you to find bugs!

This next step is only for your first job. You can skip this, but you may lose the road …


Step 3: Offer to work for free!

If you offer to work for free, you are more likely to be hired. This will help you to bring your foot into the door and gain some credibility. Once you have some experience for your resume, it will be easier to rent for your next job.

Plus, you’ll be getting paid to play games online in the end! Do not get greedy when you are just starting. Be prepare to do a little work. If you do an excellent job, you will have a get reference to use for your next job.

This last step is to remember your name and make your application stand out …


Step 4: Send them a funky letter.

Send them a letter with a plastic bug in this. It will make you stand up and make a positive impression. This is a joke that emphasizes your selling point — you will find bugs!

Now you know four steps to make money playing games online. Start looking at company websites regularly, apply, get in touch with the person responsible for the appointment and send a particular letter.

Go there now and get gaming!

This last step is to remember your name and make your application really stand out …