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How do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number? | Best Methods to Know

How do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number

How do You Know if Someone Blocked Your Number?  It’s a horrible feeling: you meet someone new; you’ve knocked it off really well, and you’re texting back and forth a dozen times a day. But then the answers are few and far between. Then they completely write on the paper. And all you can do is wonder “did they block me?”

The answer is, “Maybe.” If you’re looking for a specific way to find out if someone has blocked your phone number, the bad news is that there isn’t one. The good news (well, as much as any news about this condition can be good) is that a little trial and error methods can be used to put you at risk because of good guesses.

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  2. Calling is best for phone calls, texting, and more

If you are afraid that someone has blocked your number, here are three easy ways to test that proposition. And this should go without saying, but if someone interrupts you: for all the love of the one who is good and holy, leave them alone. I promise you that if you try to violate their privacy it will make the situation worse.

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See how fast you can go to voicemail

See how fast you can go to voicemail

If you call someone who has blocked your number, you will not receive any notification about it. However, the ringtone/voicemail pattern will not behave normally. When you call an unblocked number, you’ll find somewhere between three and a dozen rings, then a voice email prompt. Alternatively, if the person’s phone is off, or if they are already on a call, you can go directly to voicemail.

Blocked numbers work a little differently. You will get a ring, then go to the mail email on the right. You are free to leave a voicemail, although it will not go directly to the recipient’s inbox. Instead, there is a separate location for voice emails from blocked numbers. (How you access it depends on what type of phone you have and is not really related to this article.)

By default: If you get a lot of rings or go to voicemail, you probably aren’t blocked. If you get a ring after a ringing email prompt, you probably do. Would.

Keep an ear for another thing: a predefined message that says this number is “unavailable.” The exact message will vary depending on the recipient’s wireless carrier, but if a number is unavailable – especially if another phone can reach it – your number is almost blocked.

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Your calls are never answered

Your calls are never answered

The first thing you notice is that you are calling and sending text messages but you are not getting any response. There are many reasons why this could happen, but a blocked number is a possibility.

In most cases, what you send will appear to be passing normally, but the person you are sending it to will not receive it. That radio silence is your first sign that something may be up.

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Automatic voicemails

If you make a call and receive an automatic message with “Customer unavailable” lines, then you may be blocked by that person’s wireless carrier. Messages may be different, but the result is the same. Your call will not be passed.

The blocked number is not the only reason for this message, but it can be a strong signal if you continue to receive the same message for several days.

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Try sending a text message

Text messages can provide some clues as to whether someone is blocking you, although for Android it is a more reliable method for iOS. On iOS, after you send a text, you’ll usually receive one of the following two notifications in your message: “Delivered,” or “Read.” The first means that your text message has passed, but the recipient has not read it yet. The latter is self-descriptive.

However, if someone has blocked you, you will not see the notification. Instead, there will be a blank space at the bottom of your text.

It’s worth noting that being blocked isn’t the only reason you might not see a notification. If a user does not have their phone in Not Disturb Mode, you will not receive any notification until that option is turned off. However, if it’s been a few days and you still don’t see anything, you may want to consider blocking a possible explanation.

If you and/or your desired recipient have an Android phone, however, the process is much less straightforward. Some Android and IOS phones have this functionality; Some are not. If you have an Android phone, your best bet is just to send a text and hope you get a response.

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After 1st ring, it sends you a voice email

After 1st ring, it sends you to a voice email

If you make a call and hear the normal number of rings before you send the call to email, it is a normal call. If you are blocked, only one ring is heard before you are redirected to voicemail.

An unusual ring pattern does not mean that your number is blocked. It can only mean that the person is talking to someone else at the same time as you are calling, switched off the phone, or sent the call directly to voice email. Please try again later. If the one-ring and direct-to-voice voicemail pattern continues, it may be a case of a blocked number.

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Call from another phone

Sometimes, the easiest remedy is really the best. If you feel you have been blocked, try calling the person’s number from another phone. Use your work phone, borrow a friend’s phone; It doesn’t really matter. The point is if you can’t reach someone on your phone, but you can reach them on another phone, you have a good chance of being blocked.

Try this sequence: Choose a time when the person you call will probably be free. Make a call on your phone. See what happens. After that, call another phone immediately. Remember: you don’t really have to reach the person; All you need to do is look at how long it takes to get to voicemail.

Best Scene: You’ll be able to talk to the person and find out why they don’t want to accept your calls. (If they hang on to you right away, they’ll say the same thing.) Worst case: You’ll live forever with the secret of whether or not you’re blocked.

And yet, it’s not the world’s worst secret when you take it down. Someone screens your calls indefinitely or blocks you altogether, the end result is the same: they don’t want to talk to you. Your best bet is usually to respect it and try again in a few months to see if things have calmed down.

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