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How Much Does a Jet Ski Weigh? | Jet Ski Weight Limit

How Much Does a Jet Ski Weigh

Whether you have a jet ski that needs to be towed or what you think a new jet ski can do in the water, knowing how much does a jet ski weigh is important for all jet ski owners.

Apart from the weight of the jet ski, there are other things to consider such as the weight of the jet ski trailer. Of course, you will need a trailer to pull your jet ski as you will not put your PWC on top of your car. So, here’s everything you need to know about your jet ski weight and other things to consider.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Weight?

Much Does a Jet Ski Weight

Let’s get straight into the details of the weight of the jet ski. The average weight of a high-end jet ski will be about 750 lbs. As you can imagine, of course, it is not universal.

Some models will survive this and others will be below this. But 850 lbs. it’s a good start. Here’s a quick tip, if you want to know the exact weight of a particular model you want to buy, you can check out the manufacturer’s website.

Or if you buy from a retailer, you can ask them all the details about the weight. They will gladly provide you with all the information you need. This approach will apply to models currently being manufactured and supplied by manufacturers.

For older models, you may need to dig deeper into the forums and explore PWC communities and online threads. If you buy secondhand goods, ask the owner. And don’t forget to do some weight research yourself.

The weight of a Jet Ski can also depend on the type of Jet Ski. Most jet skis will fall under a few categories. You have rec-lite jet skis, performance jet skis, luxury jet skis, and jet skis for fun.

The re-lite models tend to weigh less than working with luxury models. They range from anywhere in about 500 lbs. up to 700 lbs. Another good tip you should keep in mind is the price point. The more expensive jet ski is likely to be heavier.

This is due to the powerful engine, many features, and better construction and quality of the chassis made of strong and heavy materials. All in all, there are a few things that can affect the weight of a jet ski.

When you buy a jet ski, you may realize that manufacturers will advertise dry weight. If you do not know what a dry weight is, you are in the right place. Let me explain. Dry weight means the weight of the machine if you are just sitting down in the display room.

So, if you fill up a fuel tank and have some accessories, and put things in storage, the total weight can go up.

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Additional Weight Features

Additional Weight Features

Factors that can affect the weight of a jet ski are usually storage items, fuel, and accessories. These three combined items can add up to 50 pounds [50 kg] of ice to 200 pounds [200 kg] depending on the size of your fuel tank and other slip-on items.


Fuel will be the heaviest weight of all the items you put on your skin. A gallon of gas weighs 6 pounds [6 kg] lighter than 8.4 liters. If your jet ski has a 16-liter tank like most do these days, expect fuel to add 96 pounds to your ski weight.

Storage Items

The items you have in your closet will add weight to you, such as anchor, lunch, bumpers, ropes, life jackets, and more. These usually weigh less than 100 pounds [50 kg], and in most cases weigh less than 40 pounds [10 kg].


Suppose you add an aftermarket stereo, cooler rack and stick handles to your ice, these items can add another 50 pounds or more to the weight of your ski depending on whether you have cool ice and food.

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Jet Ski Trailer Weight

Jet Ski Trailer Weight

Jet ski trailers can come in a variety of weights depending on the type of material used, how many jet skis they can carry, how many axes, and other accessories.

On average, a 1 jet ski trailer weighs between 170 and 275 pounds. The 2 jet ski local trailer weighs between 320 and 475 pounds. If you want to go crazy and find 4 places with two acres, expect that trailer to weigh 1,200 pounds.

The most common trailers are Caravans’ and Tritons. Tritons are all aluminum, while the Caravans have the option of going with aluminum or steel. The metal is heavier, but not with a maximum of 10% in one place, but 32% survives in a jet ski trailer.

When buying a trailer, make sure you check the carrying capacity to make sure it will catch the jet ski you want to put us on.

Buying a Jet Ski Trailer

A high-end single jet ski trailer will cost about $ 1000, with a high-end trailer coming in for about $ 1,500.

If you have more than one jet ski and need a double trailer, be prepared to pay for it.

At the very least, you will double your trailer cost by about $ 2,000, with prices coming out of about $ 4,000 at the highest end.

Don’t forget to include trailer costs for the price of a new jet ski.

Most importantly, don’t forget to include the trailer weight in the weight of your jet ski tow.

How much is the weight of Jet Ski and Trailer

How much is the weight of Jet Ski and Trailer

If you have a Sea-Doo Spark with a lightweight aluminum trailer, the expected weight can be 625 pounds. If you have a large jet ski, expect it to weigh 1,475 pounds with gasoline, trailer, and accessories. If you have two sparks, expect them to weigh 1,298 pounds ready to ride. The Dual Ultra 310R’s will weigh about 2,859 pounds with gasoline, other accessories, and is ready to ride.

Choosing the Right Jet Ski

Unfortunately, choosing a jet ski (PWC) is not just about the features you want.

In most cases, you can safely pull over and direct features to it.

Before you buy a boat, think about how you plan to sail the ship to and from the water.

To pull a jet ski safely, you need to know the limit of your tow car, enter the right hitch, and find the right trailer.