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On Page SEO ranking factors

On page SEO also known as “On Site SEO”, is the practice of optimizing the content of the webpage so that it results in a better search engine mechanism for the users. The way your page is optimized affects the google ranking thus optimization is an important factor for good ranking.

The content for any page is dependent upon how it has described all the important features and points of the topic as it is very important to create good content for good ranking and where On Page SEO takes a big role.


There are various important factors of “On Page SEO”

Keywords used for the Title

The title for any content holds the heaviest weightage in search engines. The title is the glimpse of the content mentioned within. The search engines give suggestions according to the title and the keywords mentioned within the articles and this helps the search engine to rank the page as well.

So, with proper title tag and keyword the page optimization can be done with higher ranking.


Keywords used in meta description

Meta description plays an important role for the descriptive details of the content body and thus after the title user give a second look over the meta description for understanding the body of the content better. It plays the most important role in gaining the user clicks.


Content of the page

The content is like the heart of any page or any website. The way you present in the webpage defines you. Even if someone is referring to any article online they expect deep knowledge and want to learn more intensely about the topics being searched.

Thus the length of the content defines its ranking as well. The article with more accountability and knowledge is viewed and entertained more. The article that covers the most aspects of the topic are expected to be read more.


Keyword in H1 tag

It is suggested to have the main keyword in h1 tag as it is serving as a main heading of the post. H1 tag always helps in getting noticed faster and ranking high as well. Post should always choose a unique keyword for the H1 tags.


Duplicacy of Content

It has been observed that duplicacy of the same content over the pages of the site may affect the ranking of the web page. Thus it is suggested to maintain the pages with unique strategy and content.


Image Optimization

Other than text Optimization there is one more Optimization called image Optimization. Image Optimization plays a very important role in seo optimization in the form of alt text, captions, descriptions and other ways. Image Optimization helps in the lowering down of browsing speed.


Keyword in URL

The keyword can be mentioned in the url that will give a good impression about the site to the google, ultimately enhancing in google ranking for ex- www. Keyword .com.

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Interlinking Sites

Interlinking the pages of the site can help in optimizing the website and ranking in google as well. The pages can be hyperlinked and redirected to the other pages thus imprinting a good impression for the ranking.


Google Search Console

Google search console for indexing the pages of the sites, as the tool also avails data that can be considered to optimize the website.


Canonical tag

Canonical tag is used when two URLs are having similar content, or define Google both the url as one piece of the content so that it doesn’t fall in the copied content and affects the ranking of the page.


Content Update

It is a good practice to keep your web pages updated as it ranks good in google. The commercial websites maintain their site according to the google algorithms so that they rank higher.


As there is more practice of the on page SEO based on the google analytics and ranking it is important to keep such few factors while practicing the “On Page SEO” as it keeps on changing with time according to the demand.

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