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Why Families Need to Choose FamiSafe Mobile Tracker

Over the years with the help of technology, the internet has made it possible to bring people closer to one another and also opened up avenues for information, exploration as well as research.

There are certain pros as well as cons for this high level advancement in technology these days. The kids are considered to be more vulnerable to the negative impacts or the cons of the magical innovations of technology. Hence, every parent is worried about the safety of their kids as these days kids are most exposed to connect or meet up with harmful strangers, explore or watch content that’s not right for them and sometimes even become victims of cyberbullying. And all of these are made possible because of the internet.

But again, in order to deal with these above-mentioned cons of technology, technology itself has gifted the parents with innovative location controlling apps like FamiSafe parental control app. Previously, some parents simply used to think that not exposing their kids to the digital world is the only way to protect their kids from the vulnerabilities of the digital world. But, with the introduction of modern kid tracker apps, the parents are ensured that they can keep their kids away from the various evils of the internet even when it is full of online demons.


 What is a FamiSafe parental controlling app?

FamiSafe is an app that provides the parents with full control over how their kids use their Smartphones. With the help of this app, the parents can track the location of their kids, get notified whenever the gadget enters or leave a place, restricts the usage of their phones during specific times of the day, or even bar them from using certain apps or browsing particular categories of web content.

The most important thing about this app is that all the above-mentioned functions can be performed remotely from a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that you can access with the help of your smartphone as well as the computer’s web browser. Just after following a few easy steps in order to set the app in your kids’ phone as well as your own phone, you will have total access to your kids phone no matter where you are.


Solutions provided by FamiSafe app for the parents to control their kids

The FamiSafe app provides the parents with two solutions to supervise their kids’ activities on their Smartphones:

  • Contextual notification: The working parents are always concerned about what their kids are doing while they are away. They are worried whether their kids could reach home safely from school or not, whether they are reaching their other classes safely or not. With the help of the modern location tracker apps like FamiSafe, the parents can get notifications whenever their kids enter or leave a particular location or whenever something unusual happens on their phones.
  • Limit or block usage of phone: This phone tracker app also enables the parents to monitor what their kids are doing with their phones. If they ever notice that their kids are watching, reading or listening to contents that are not appropriate for them then they can block those contents from their kids’ phones.

The parents will also be notified if someone sends inappropriate or potentially harassing texts to their kids.


Main features of WonderShare FamiSafe app

  1. The first and most important feature of FamiSafe is that this app uses active location tracking to determine the current location of the kids with activated alerts.
  2. If some unexpected errors happen in the kids’ phone, the parent will be notified in the FamiSafe app.
  3. The app will provide full control to the parents over their kids’ phone. The parents will know for what their kids are using the phone and can restrict the uses of the phone whenever and however they want. This feature is almost similar to the way that organizations control the uses of the contents and apps of their devices.

Other useful features of FamiSafe

Other than tracking the location of the kids, FamiSafe also enables the parents in monitoring text messages and other alerts, blocking apps or websites on the kids phones as well as blocking the usage of phones during certain hours of the day.


Price of FamiSafe

FamiSafe provides a free three days trial period to all its users immediately after they sign up. But after the trial period is over the users need to choose a specific plan to continue using the app. For the monthly plan, the user needs to pay $9.99 per month, while the yearly plan costs $59.99 per year. Some users are more comfortable to pay quarterly and the amount they need to pay for a Quarterly plan is $19.99. These are the approx. subscription charges and it might vary from platform to platform.

So, if you are a worried parent and want more control over your kids’ phone, download Wondershare FamiSafe app from these links:

You can download from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



So, from the above mentioned information, it must be quite clear to you why you should get the FamiSafe app. The app will not only ensure the safety of your kids, but will also enhance your peace of mind as a parent.

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