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6 Useful Tips for a Desert Safari – To Enjoy The Most

The vast lands of the desert become a perfect tourist destination for fun and action-packed desert safaris. There are plenty of sports and adventure activities like doom bashing, camel riding, quad biking and sand boarding. In addition, there is the opportunity to experience traditional activities such as henna painting, falconry, and watching local dance forms at the campus.

The desert safari takes place during the day, but the temperature can reach up to 55 C at certain times of the year. However, a more relaxed tour experience is possible during the night when the weather conditions are more comfortable.

However, there are a lot of things to consider in the process of preparing for a desert safari. Here are some tips to make the all-round experience more enjoyable and comfortable:

Wear comfortable clothes

Desirable for desert safaris are casual, loose and comfortable. This could include clothes such as cotton shirts, pants or shorts. Preferred footwear are sandals, flip-flops or other open shoes. Activities such as getting out in the sand are plentiful, so open shoes are important to avoid the constant getting of sand in closed shoes. Also, there is an advantage to limiting the amount of jewelry worn.

In addition, it is worth considering tour activities when deciding on an outfit. For example, if a camel ride is a major part of a trip, wearing long pants for a more comfortable experience can be beneficial.

Note the instructors

Desert safaris involve a variety of tough and adventurous activities, so it is important to listen to the instructor. For example, the Done Bashing operation is very strict. There is no reason for everyone to be safe and have fun if they follow the guidelines. Adventures on steep dunes are fun and hilarious, but it’s good to relax and gain control of a skilled driver.

Pack the right supplies

No need to pack too much for a desert safari, but some useful items to consider include sunglasses, sunglasses and a light jacket. If planning an overnight trip, the desert temperature can be noticeable in the evening. Also, sunglasses not only help block out sunlight, but also prevent sand from getting into the eyes. Sunscreen is the obvious point of a desert trip to protect your body from the intense desert rays and reduce the risk of burnt skin.

Choose the right time

The preferred time to visit the desert area is from November to March. The desert safari is very comfortable in winter. The temperature after the day is very cold. Also, it is possible to catch a striking sunset. However, the winter months are a major tourist season, so it is important to expect more crowds and more competition to book activities.

Pack the camera

There are plenty of photo opportunities on the desert safari. Many people think that the desert and sand dunes are just a hot and barren place, in fact there are plenty of amazing views that can take your breath away. Also, there is the advantage of packing an extra battery to ensure that the desired number of photos can be taken. One of the great things to capture is the variety of reptiles and mammal species.

 Jackets and sunglasses

Sunglasses may never leave you for a full trip. The sun is almost high if you arrive a little early and firmly built sunglasses are useful in Desert. The jacket will be your best friend after sunset. The desert cools down quickly and by the time you go back to dinner, you will be happy to have something to protect you from the nipple in the air.

Safety is the topmost priority for everyone. The instructors are to keep you safe and guided. Don’t ignore the instructions that are given by the coaches. Especially if you are senior or carrying a child, then dune bashing could be injurious for you in possible situations. It’s better to enjoy following the guidance.