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A Bangalore-based agency assists you in enhancing your online business and earning millions!

What is 18flip?

Are you thinking about taking your business digital but have no idea where to start from? Well, we are here for you and your digital needs. Our agency offers a fabulous solution for all your digital marketing needs.

18flip is a digital marketing agency in Bangalore aims to provide enhanced B2B and B2C companies to help them generate leads and increase the revenue of various established businesses and startups. Our team of experts take care of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), social media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and a lot more. We aim to reach our client’s target audience with improved tools of SEO, PPC, SEM, Affiliate Marketing etc.

We are also experienced in creating engaging image ads, PLA Shopping ads, Dynamics Ads, Video Ads, and remodelling existing ads for digital media.

We will work hard to enhance your website’s aesthetic and help you to making ads visible to the right people at the right time based on factors such as age & gender, income, education, location, user interest & user behavior.

Our team will work on integrating online media with your marketing mix strategy, which will focus on build long term customer acquisition in the digital landscape. At 18flip we use AI and machine learning technologies as well as advanced digital marketing tools to market your brand, from your website or mobile app in effective ways.

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Our team of experts has hands-on experience in major digital marketing practices like:

  • Organic SEO – Our team of experts focuses on optimizing your website with the latest SEO strategies and applying relevant keywords related to your business niche and grow your audience organically. Our team continuously works on increasing your website’s presence on Google.
  • Content Marketing – Our team of experts and creative writers create various campaigns like blogs, ebooks, newsletters, white papers, digital PR and a lot more to grow your audience base through reputation building.
  • Social Media Marketing – Our social media experts take care of your social media needs. Right from maintaining a social media calendar to running paid campaigns, we take care of it all!
  • E-commerce Marketing – Our team of experts focus on creating effective strategies to increase sales on your e-commerce store and get you a loyal customer base!
  • Email Marketing – Our team of digital media experts focus on creating effective email campaigns with A/B testing to generate more online customers through your website.

Our other services include Affiliate Marketing, Online Reputation Marketing, Data Reporting, Lead Generation Marketing.

Our clients

Over the years we have successfully partnered with reputed clients like Durga, Sipani, TPCC, Arge, RNS Motors, One Sky Shop and a lot more.

Our Services

  • Our team of experts also offer effective services in Product and Brand Marketing where we look after the entire process of product launch, brand promotion, performance tracking of the product, product positioning and much more.
  • We are also professionals in Google analytics where we constantly monitor your website performance and apply the latest SEO tools to improve rankings.
  • Our team of experts strive to work on getting your brand in front of your target audience by various media buying techniques like Youtube ads, Google Ads and keeping track of these ad performances by KPIs and ROIs.

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So, what are you waiting for? Call us now on 9110336791 to get the best price for our services, we offer special discounts to our first-time clients!

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