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Good And Basic UI Design Principles In 2021

User interface designs are a critical aspect of any software or website. When it does the work properly, people do not face any trouble. Following that, do you wish to take your UI design to the next level? If so, the next question is how to do it. Well, in this article, you will know about the UI design principles, after which you can pick a feature-rich designing tool to create one. New UI lists appear every year, which shows a majority of people are following the trends.

In addition, designing is the first aspect of marketing. That’s why it needs to be done in the best possible way. Using a suitable UI tool, anyone can create a capable and robust product that will pay off in the future. If you are excited to know about the primary and good UI design principles, take a look.

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Good UI Design Principles

The premium quality user interface indicates that users are above everything else. A good tool is one that people can use seamlessly, and they can manage everything. The list containing the user interface design principles is here. Take a look!

●    Consistency

The consistency parameter will help users transfer existing knowledge to master new topics and tasks and concentrate on finding a solution to all problems. In this way, it would be easier for you to cut down the wastage of time and to know the difference in using different tools, commands, control points, etc. Consistency makes the design predictable and recognizable, which means that it is a crucial parameter. It includes interactive element behavior, visual presentation of any details, and common names.

Fonts, colors, icons, and menus should display consistency, and it is better to avoid clashing fonts. So, consistency should always be kept into consideration when you design a prototype.

●    Natural Design

Experts believe that a natural UI design will not force you to change the standard ways of solving any problem. It means the outcome and message that the application is providing will not need any additional explanations. The familiar user images and concepts will help in designing an intuitive interface. It behaves as a bridge that will form the connection to the real world. Also, it becomes easy to remember the actions associated with a particular object.

●    Transparency

It becomes easy to go overboard and add layers to the interface, like windows, graphics, extra buttons, attachments, and other things. Considering that, it will be tough for users to get directly to the point. You must avoid this thing, and for that, the design should be aimed at creating a natural appearance. The interface should be so good that users must aim at direct control. When there is an action taking place, it must be confirmed using animations, color change, progress bars, pop-up windows, etc. It helps the users to go ahead and enhances the user interaction.

●    Understands Customers’ Pain-Points

The next point in UI principles is understanding and solving the pain points faced by users on any application. The question is how to solve the problem without knowing about it. In this instance, you have to know your targeted audiences and evaluate them. By conducting thorough research and learning about your competitors, you can clearly understand the audience’s behaviors. Based on designing the UI will be easy.

●    Clarity

It is another aspect a UI interface must have without fail. For an interface to be user-friendly and effective, it needs to be predictable, recognizable, and objective. People must understand why they are interacting with it, and no confusion must be there. Clarity will boost users’ confidence and willingness to interact with the interface. It is said that a clear screen is much better than a messy one.

●   User- Friendliness

By trial and error, users can learn about the new software product quickly. When you are looking for an effective interface, you must always take this aspect into account. People must know to perform the set of actions at all stages and warn them about the result. They should know what things can damage the data or system. It is better to correct or cancel actions. With a well-designed UI, you can make mistakes, but a friendly tool can eliminate the problems.

●    Always Keep Audiences In Mind

When you are designing, you must keep in consideration that it is for people and not robots. Designing should be done so that the mistakes can be corrected even after the entire process is over. Suppose a person has deleted a crucial file. So, there should be a way to get it back again by following the procedure. By keeping all these things in consideration, you must start designing the interface for the people.

●    Step-by-step Guide

The screen must show all the necessary information, so when a person has to choose, they can click on that and proceed quickly. It helps in eliminating unnecessary things all at once. It should be delivered one by one and not all together. In this way, people can also learn all the aspects and know how to use them. It eliminates confusion, and you know which icon stands for what.

●    Easy Access To Features

When a newbie is navigating through the site, they must not face difficulty in getting a solution. The right way to ensure accessibility is by incorporating shortcuts and tabs wherever required. Suppose if the tool allows you to convert into PDF, the other parameters like a sign, share edit, compress, and annotation should be next to it. In that way, users will not face trouble in access-related solutions.

●    Appropriate Language

The good UI design principle is it must communicate with the user in a proper language that’s understandable and clear. The good practice is to keep the message clear and simple to learn. It will help users to impress people and communicate effectively.

●    Maintaining A Robust Visual Hierarchy

The next principle is to have a solid visual hierarchy, and it will help people recognize the order in which the visual elements should be viewed. It sets the sequence and directs the view from one interface to another. When it has an improper or weak visual hierarchy, it looks inappropriate.

A UI design is successful when people want to use it and be considered an interactive environment. It should be more than just the graphics. Well, when considering the above principles, the best tool for UI design is Wondershare Mockitt. You should read the below section to know more about the tool and its features.

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The Best Tool for UI Design 

Recently, the latest version of Wondershare Mockitt and has brought a wide variety of designing aspects. It can create unique vector designs, icons, and logos. The basic UI design principle has become an enabler for development and designing teams. It has many customizable and pre-defined design assets, which makes the platform a suitable one for users. Here are the features of the exceptionally designed tool :

●    Cloud-hosted environment

It is a cloud-hosted platform allowing multiple designers to co-edit any project. It has the Enterprise Space feature through which you can see changes in real-time.

●    A bunch of icons

A has a massive set of libraries with 5000 platform and standard-specific widgets, icons, and other things. It has over 500 templates to enhance the designing processes, designing systems, prototyping workflows, etc. The 600 UI kits can be accessed for specific platforms like Wem, IOS, and Android.

●    Easy navigation

It has a simplified user interface with zero learning curve and easy navigation. People who want to use the software do not require any additional training. Both experienced and beginners can use it without facing many difficulties. Most importantly, it satisfies all the requirements that are listed above.

●    Preview of different devices

The tool allows users to preview the prototypes and designs on various devices. It has plenty of icons and widgets which can play a significant role in creating unbelievable interfaces. In this way, if any change needs to be done in the project, you can do it quickly, and everyone can see.

●    Importing sketch files

The sketch files can also be imported quickly, and you can also choose to download the entire design in different slice files with a single click. The project history gets saved automatically, and older versions can be accessed with just a click. All these things make the designing process easier.

Choose Wondershare Mockitt

A large section of people use top-notch collaboration and designing software. It shows that people are comfortable using the platform and a bunch of templates are present. Additionally, users can customize the templates according to the requirement, and designing beautiful interfaces is no longer a problem.

Additionally, you can share the task with your teammates and ask for feedback from them. If any edits are to be done, anyone can do it, which increases productivity, and it iterates faster than you even think of. The syncing parameter across different devices will avoid uploading and downloading files. Thus, you must go ahead and start using the basic version of this splendid tool.