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How To Clean the Charging Pot of iPhone?

Clean the Charging Pot of iPhone

Today, the iPhone is a great technology. Most people use iPhones for a long time, like 2 or 3 years. Then, slowly, the charging pot can’t work correctly because it will be filled with dirt and debris. To Clean the Charging Pot of iPhone, we use a toothstick.

Generally, the two leading solutions for cleaning the charging pot are using a tooth stick to remove the debris and dirt from the pot. After doing this, if your mobile is not charging, then use an air compressor.

Many iPhone users question which products we use to clean the charging port and which effects are harmful to cleaning the charging pot. Android is the best charging port in the competition of iPhone.

In this article, we will read about the iPhone charging port. How we will clean the charging pot, and why it’s dirty after a time. We will learn to be safe from damage while cleaning the charging port.

Which products are harmful to clean charging pots, and which are best?

Firstly, we discuss which products are used to clean the charging port and which we should not use. Don’t use water to clean the charging pot. If your mobile is waterproof, don’t use water to clean it.

Tools that are best for cleaning the charging pot

You should use a soft product to clean the mobile charging pot because using a complex product may damage your phone. They don’t know about mobile phones and are not an expert in charging pot cleaning.

We should use our soft items to clean the charging pot. You should use tissue paper, cotton swabs, toothpicks, towels, etc. It is the best product to clean the charging port if you have an air compressor. 

Tools that are bad for cleaning the charging pot

We shouldn’t use that product which is harmful to our mobile. I am clear to you which product is dangerous, which is sharp in the competition of toothpicks, damp water, metal tools, etc.

Some YouTubers advise cleaning the charging pot with water, which is dangerous for mobile, and some told to use a toothbrush. Both products are harmful to the mobile. You should only use soft products to clean the charging port.

How can we remove water from a charging pot?

In the present time, many smartphones are water-resistant or waterproof. If your smartphone is not waterproof or water-resistant, then no need to worry about it. We will discuss some points in which we will learn how to remove water from charging pots;

  1. No matter if your phone is waterproof or water-resistant if the water is gone on the charging pot of your phone, immediately turn off your phone from the power button of your mobile phone. Don’t charge your mobile until it’s wet.
  2. Dry your phone’s visible surfaces using a lint-free towel. Wipe all the parts of the mobile with the help of a towel. The towel has many microfibers that dry your phone. Wipe the towel around the mobile until it’s completely wet.
  3. Gently tap on your phone with the charging port facing down against your hand. Ensure that the pot has its opening facing downward. If you charge the pot face upward, water will move deeply on your phone, which is harmful.
  4. Dry your phone for 5 hours before turning on your phone. Don’t turn on your phone to protect the sensor from any issues. If your phone is submerged entirely in the water, dry it for 24-48 hours.
  5. Don’t dry your phone directly in the sunlight because there is no controlled temperature in sunlight. It may cause some explosions.
  6. Don’t put your phone into the rice if the water is high. It will not increase the drying process. Also, the particles of rice will enter your phone.

How to clean the charging pot in 5 minutes only?

You can clean the charging pot of your mobile in just five minutes. Power down your device and employ either a can of compressed air or a bulb syringe to clear the charging port. 

Administer a series of brief bursts and check for any dust or debris dislodging. When using compressed air, maintain the can upright to prevent moisture from entering the port.


In this article, we read about the charging pot of an iPhone.if the iPhone is not charging, there is a problem with the charging port. The charging pot is filled with dirt and debris, so we should clean it to improve it.

To clean the charging pot of mobile phone, we should use soft tools that are not harmful to our mobile, like towels, toothpicks, tissue paper, etc. We won’t use the deadly tools that are dangerous for our mobile, like metal objects.

Sometimes, your charging ports are wet. Turn off your phone immediately. Dry all the visible parts of the phone. Don’t put your phone in direct sunlight and rice to increase the drying process of water.


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