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Collage Photos 101: An Introductory Guide

A collage is something where two or more two photos are combined into one visual graphic. Collage is basically a French word. In French, it is called “coller,” which ultimately means “paste”.

Now, there are two types of images. One is the traditional paper collage where you physically paste the pictures. The other one is the digital collage. You can get more inspiration regarding digital collage by visiting the mentioned site. It is about the free online collage maker “Promo.”

Before we could guide you about the collage photos and discuss their different kinds, let’s check out what a digital collage is.


What is a Digital Collage?

Similar to the traditional paper collage, you combine various photos together in the digital collage. You combine the virtual images and make a new piece of art.

In recent times, the use of digital collages has increased tremendously. People prefer digital collages instead of traditional ones. It is used for marketing, businesses, and for creating memories with family as well.

As there are different sizes, shapes, patterns, and types of traditional photo collages, similar is the case with the digital collage as well. In this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss the different types of digital ones. Also, if you are already looking to create a one, you must try a free online collage maker.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to discussing our first type of collage


1 Creative Collage

As its name suggests, in a creative collage, you combine various photos. You then add captions, backdrops, hand drawings, and various other things to make it look more creative. In fact, in such a type of collage, there are no set rules or patterns. All you need to do is to be as creative as possible.

In addition to this, you can also add frames, borders, and shadows to make it better. Also, you can play with your photos. You can rotate them, mirror them, or add effects to your photos. Again, all you need to do is to be more innovative and creative. Use the free online collage maker and start making creative collages.


2 Grid or Table Collage

Another type of collage is the grid or table collage. For this type of collage, you need to place your photos within the grid. It will then give it a tubular kind of look.

In addition to this, if you want, you can add borders throughout the grid as well. Grid collage is deemed best for only those photos that are of similar type. For instance, their orientation and dimensions are the same. In case the photos you are using are of different height, width, portrait, or landscape, this type of images may not work for you. You can make an amazing grid or table collage with the help of the free online collage maker.


3 Blended Collage

We saw in grid collage that there are boundaries or borders used throughout the grid. This is not the case with the blended collage. Instead, as its name indicates, the photos in such collage will be blended into one another.

The images that you may use will not have sharp edges or cutouts. In fact, there will be multiple photos merged with each other. These merged and blended photos will form a unified boundaryless. You can use seven or even more than seven photos for the purpose of creating the blended collage. Free online collage makers can help you with it.


4 Photo Effects Collage

Unlike other types of collage where we used multiple photos, in photo effects collage, you only need to use one photo. You will use an individual photo and will add effects to it. After adding the effects of your choice, you can place the photo in either a two by two grid or even a two-by-one grid.

Now the effects that you want to add will depend upon your choice. There are various effects that you can add. For instance, you can add vintage, traditional, contemporary, black and white, gothic, artistic, or any other product you want. Use the free online collage maker with one image, add effects, and create your own photo effects collage.