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Create A Calming Oasis In Your Backyard With These Design Ideas

Your backyard can be a blank canvass wherein you can make your place of sanctuary for you and your family. You can make your outdoor space comfortable, attractive, and stylish just as your interiors are. You’d get out and you’d still feel cozy and relaxed but with the added bonus of sunshine and fresh air.


Here are some ideas on how to do your decorations and arrangements to achieve an oasis just right outside your backdoor:

Relaxing Hot Tub

Nothing against pools but if you don’t want to use your entire yard for a swimming facility then you can go for a hot tub. It’s also more affordable than a pool and offers a good place to relax and calm your mind. After an arduous couple of days, sitting in a hot tub with an open sky above you will surely take your troubles away.

Fire Pits

In the summer you can turn the heat up with a fire pit. Don’t forget to stock up on s’mores fixings for when you have friends over. Or you can just sit there and enjoy the cozy warmth from the flames while listening to the crackling sound of burning wood, under a clear summer night’s sky.


Fire pits are also enjoyable in the winter as a source of warmth for you and your friends. A well-made fire pit can make for a beautiful centerpiece on your backyard’s setup surrounded by comfortable lounge chairs.

Private Garden Retreat

By turning an old garden shed into a cabin you can make your private room away from the house to enjoy some peace and quiet. If you don’t have a shed, there are a lot of selections of sheds for sale, so you don’t have to make something from scratch. By surrounding it with garden plants and flowers, you can create a private or secret hideaway for yourself. Make sure you decorate your shed or cabin to make it cozy but leave an open space so you can enjoy your view of the garden around you.


Make your backyard welcoming by introducing some landscapes into your design. Make it a place where you can reconnect with nature and enjoy the fresh air. If you don’t like to stuff furniture and decor into your outdoor plants, then you can focus on floral and landscaping. You can just put a couple of chairs or a bench on the side so you’ll have something to sit on while you enjoy the beauty of nature that you reigned in your backyard.

Grill and Dining Table

Food gathers people together so if you want to spend a quiet day or evening with friends, you can take them to the backyard and enjoy some grilled grub and a couple of pints. Also, set up an outdoor table with chairs so you’ll have a space to gather around and enjoy your meal.


A lot of people find cooking unwinds them and calms their thoughts about other matters in their lives. Combine that with the fresh breeze from your outdoor space and the company of loved ones, you’ll have yourself something better than a real oasis.

Outdoor Movie Lounge

Sometimes binge watching in the bedroom or in the house, in general, feels taxing and uncomfortable. By making your backyard an outdoor movie lounge, you can spend an evening under the stars watching your favorite shows. Throw in a few pillows over your rug made out of durable polypropylene fibers. Try mixing the colors and patterns so you’ll have great texture and depth in the design. Don’t forget to set your projector and other electronic devices under a roofed area to protect them for when it rains.

Your Own Bar

Had a long day? Simmer down with your favorite glass of whiskey under a clear night sky, because you deserve it. Setting up a bar beside your hot tub or your grill also completes a home getaway space in your backyard. If you have friends over, you can just take them directly to the backyard and start the Mexican-themed night with some shots of tequila.


Converting your tool shed into a playhouse is going to need some work, but the end result will be something you and your family can enjoy together. First is, you’ll need to take all of the tools out, you can take them into your garage or if you have a new space to keep them. Next is, do some safety checks, clean out toxic chemicals, molds, and other hazardous compounds that may have developed over the years.


Next is to design the new playhouse with the old structure as a base and be creative to make it inviting for your kids. By making it their own hideaway, you’ll probably have solved your problem with toys scattered around the house as you can store them in their own private shed. You can keep them company by having a swing or bench beside the playhouse where you’ll watch them over.

Meals under a Flower-covered Pergola

Putting bistro chairs under a pergola makes up for the perfect spot to have lunch or dinner on. If you have flower-bearing plants or flowers that crawl over a structure, you can position your pergola beside it so it’ll provide a beautiful cover over its roof.

Citrus Garden

Why not go beyond an ordinary garden and have some small citrus grove. It improves the landscape with its bright colors and the fruits are something you can appreciate in the kitchen.

Make a Water Feature a Centerpiece

A fountain can be a cliche, but that can also mean timeless. Place some comfy sitting furniture in front of your water feature. And setting these items up under a weeping willow behind high walls can make a buzzing urban home into your own natural sanctuary.


You don’t have to spend much on these ideas making use of your old furniture and other items in the house that are suitable for outdoor use. The important thing is that you do it to suit your preference and not other people. It’s your oasis so it only makes sense that it should primarily cater to your needs.