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7 Ways to Protect Your iPhone from physical damage

Protection Of Iphone

iPhone is the top company in mobile phones, and it is expensive; the latest model of iPhone 15 is between $900 and $1200 depending on the storage you need. To protect your expensive iPhone, you should use safety accessories.

To protect your iPhone, you should use a screen protector to save the mobile screen. It is significant for mobile. We will read in detail about it—a total of 7 ways to protect your iPhone completely.

Some iPhone users use safety products to secure their mobile, but they have a question: will the mobile be safe after using the safety accessories? After using the accessories not, your mobile is 100% secure, but I will give you tips and tricks to secure your mobile 80%.

This article will teach us about iPhones and how to save your mobile. We will protect our phone using some accessories like a screen protector, phone case, lamination, pop socket, etc.

Screen protector  

Firstly, we discuss the most common product to keep a safe mobile screen: a screen protector. Generally, most people use a screen protector to secure their mobile, but he needed to know which protector is best.

Many screen protectors like Ultra clear protectors, Privacy protectors, Glass protectors, etc. People have questions about which one is best. I recommended the glass screen protector because it is more beneficial for us.

So that is clear: the first step to keep protecting your mobile is a screen protector. It would be best if you used a protector. We can easily buy it from a mobile shop or any e-commerce platform. Anybody will change the protector easily. After 6 to 8 months, you should change your protector.

iPhone case

The second and the most famous part of mobile is the phone case. Generally, all people use the phone case to protect their phone. It saves the mobile from damage when it suddenly falls and will keep it.

Protection Cover


Today, the iPhone is too stable, but it fears damage. So many people use phone cases to protect themselves, but most people use them for fashion today he has become a fashion. The boys and girls have different types of phone cases and designs. Mostly, boys use leather covers, and the ladies use golden.

Close your ports  

The main problem of iPhone to iPhone users is the charging port. Most people need to learn how to keep secure your charging port. It will be damaged if we use a charging port for a long time without any safety product.

If you don’t use port plugs, the sand and debris going to your charging port, your charging port will be damaged. To protect your iPhone charging port, you use port plugs.

That is very beneficial for our iPhones.In addition, you should use a pop socket to keep your mobile if you use it for a long time,

So, It’s a good product for you to use with one hand easily. You can easily grip the phone with this product.

This is the best product for YouTubers who do vlogging, so after using this, you will easily grip your mobile. We made this product using the latest technology. Some of the pop sockets are not good because after using this, you will not be able to use a wireless charger.

If you use the latest technology, popsocket is suitable for iPhones. He has all the functions with the wireless charger and an extra kickstand. This product saves your mobile from 10ft in height.

Phone case with kickstand

Most people like to watch movies and dramas, so one film lasts 2 to 4 hours, so holding your mobile for a long time is hard. Kickstand cases solve this problem.

Many types of mobile stands exist, but it is a small extension to hold your mobile. Bike riders and car drivers have other portable holders, but it is the most famous because it comes with a mobile case kickstand. You do not need to carry it with you.

Lamination sheet

A lamination sheet constitutes the most essential element in safeguarding your mobile device. Some people apply the lamination sheet to their mobile screens, but it requires proper fixation. It would be best if you only used a screen protector on the screen of your mobile.

We should use a lamination sheet on the back side of the mobile to protect him from scratch. The great benefit of lamination is when you want to sell your mobile. You will put off your sheet, and then your mobile looks new, so the excellent rate you can get.

Some people don’t use a lamination sheet. He says we use a case that covers our mobile screen back, but he does not know the primary goal of the case is to protect the phone from physical damage, not minor scratches.

That’s why we should use a lamination sheet on the back of the mobile. There are many designs of lamination sheets, but I recommended only the white sheet because it will show the transparent color and design of the mobile.

Camera protector

A camera protector is essential for a camera lens to protect him. Manufacturers make camera protectors from either metal or plastic. The iPhone has two side cameras, one on the front and a second on the back.

Users utilize the first camera for taking selfies, while they employ the back side of the camera to capture perfect pictures.

There are many options like portrait, pano, and zoom to see the clear pic. The new model uses a new function to make a cinematic video.

A glass screen protector covers the first side of the camera. So, you don’t need to use a protector on the first side of the camera because The screen protector has already protected him. To secure the backside camera, we should use a lens protector.


The phones are so expensive that we should protect them from damage. There are seven ways to protect your mobile;e the first is a screen protector to save your screen from damage.

The second is using a phone case and closing your charging ports. Close your mobile charging ports is very important because it benefits us. Then, use a pop socket to grip your mobile easily.

If you use a simple phone case, you should use the phone case with a kickstand because the one product gives you two benefits. Use a lamination sheet on the back side of the mobile and a lens protector to secure the back side of the mobile.