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How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing 2021 | 8 Best Proven Methods

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing 2021

Snapchat is a platform that has managed to keep our secrets since its inception. You message any instant, memories or photos; They are removed immediately after its opening. And this privacy feature is loved by millions of users around the world.

When it comes to screenshots, the app sends a notification to the user whose screenshot has been taken. Because of this anti-screenshot feature, people are amazed and find different ways to take a screenshot on Snapchat in 2021 without even knowing it.

Thanks, some methods make it possible and allow you to secretly sneak into Snapchat without notifying anyone.

How about take screenshots on Snapchat without notifying the users in 2021? (Android / iOS)

There are some tricks that you can think of separately on iPhone and Android to secretly take a screenshot on Snapchat.

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Tip 1: Use Another Smartphone

If you’re desperate to capture someone’s Snapchat story and save it, then it self-develops before taking a snapshot of a particular snap using another device. Well, the quality may not be surprising, but it depends on how you keep your hands steady to get a shit.


Trick 2: Use the Screen Capture Tool

Using this method, you can not only capture screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing, but also record story videos without notifying them. If your smartphone offers a built-in screen capture tool, then you can usually use it to capture a Snapchat story. You can also download third-party screen capturing apps for Android or iPhone to take screenshots of Snapchat stories.


Trick 3: Use third-party Apps to Capture Screenshots Without Notifying

Like Status Ts Status Savers, there are some amazing apps on the market that allow users to take screenshot shots of Snapchat stories without their knowledge. Try installing Snap saver on your device and follow the instructions step by step:

  • Launch Snap saver on your device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to understand how the app works on screenshots secretly on Snapchat.
  • Tap on the camera icon to select the option to get a screenshot.
  • In addition, you can start screen recording, capture burst screenshots and much more.
  • Option After selecting the desired option, tap on the play icon to activate the floating settings.
  • Now go to Snap which you want to capture screenshots without notifying the other user.
  • Snap on the red floating camera icon to screenshot the Snapchat story.

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Trick 4: Kill the Snapchat App Immediately

In most cases, they’ve worked effectively to do a screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing. Just follow this method carefully for instant capture without notifying another user:

  • Once instantly loaded, get ready, check the top and see if you have time left.
  • Take a quick screenshot and kill the app immediately.

Mind you, this method is very risky because if you get a little late to break the application, a notification can be sent to the other side, and you don’t want that.


Tip 5: Capture Screenshots from the Recent Apps Section

Although this method won’t help you capture the story in full size, you can still keep a small portion of the snap. This method is suitable for keeping chat messages in the form of screenshots. You can undoubtedly dig the “took chat screenshot” notification using this method. Just follow the step-by-step hack on the screenshot on Snapchat without them knowing.

  • Open the chat on Snapchat from which you want to take screenshots.
  • Now press the Recent Apps button, where all recently used apps are displayed.
  • Take a quick screenshot of the chat and close the apps.

The Snapchat screenshot will look something like the above. You can crop the next screenshot and secretly save someone’s snap in your gallery.


Tip 6: Use the Screen Mirroring Feature

If you desperately need to nurture someone’s story and don’t want to notify them, use this Snapchat hack to get the job done. Now, this method will require a bit of work, but if done correctly, you can take screenshots on Snapchat without them knowing. To cast your phone on an external device you need to enable the screen mirroring feature from your phone’s settings.

If your smartphone doesn’t show such functionality, don’t feel bad, as there are numerous apps available in the market that can help you cast your Android or iPhone on an external device such as a smart TV. When it’s done, you’ll need to launch Snapchat on your phone and take another device from an external device to record or capture a screenshot of someone else’s Snapchat story.


Tip 7: Ask Google Assistant

Now many of them say clearing the cache, and taking screenshot shots later, without informing the other side, can help take shots. This method is outdated, but Google Assistant can chew on Snapchat. Also, it will only work for Android users.

After opening the chat, say “OK Google” and “Take a screenshot” and yeah your screen shot has been taken without knowing them. You can later save this screenshot to your phone or share it with other apps. Snapchat will not be able to detect this way of capturing screenshots, and no warning message will be sent.


Tip 8: Delay in Screenshot Notification

Well, you have to be very quick to do this trick; Otherwise, the person concerned will immediately report that you have secretly screened their Snapchat story. Just follow the hack step by step:

  • Go to the snap you want to capture a screenshot of.
  • Make sure it loads properly. (Be patient after receiving instant and let it load)
  • Now turn off Wi-Fi, mobile network and Bluetooth.
  • Turn on Airplane mode and make sure your phone is not connected.
  • Go back to The Snap and capture the screenshot as usual.
  • Quickly reboot / restart your device now.
  • Be fast and let your phone restart.

You can now see that the screenshot you took should be reloaded to normal if you never opened it in the first place.

The person whose story has been screened will not receive a pop-up notification that someone has taken a screenshot and the screenshot is not indicative (double-arrow icon) will be displayed for a while. But once you see their next snap, a ‘screenshot message’ will appear in their chat. So, if the screenshot you make is super ineffective, you can quickly get away from your screenshot game on Snapchat!

Bonus Tip: How to Make a Screenshot of Snapchat Without Knowing Them on Mac?

How to Screenshot on Snapchat Without Them Knowing

Follow this simple trick to hide screenshot shots of Snapchat Story on Apple Mac:

  • Connect your iPhone to the Mac book or Mac book pro and launch the QuickTime Player app.
  • New Open the ‘New Movie Recording’ option and select any developed options.
  • At the same time, the iPhone has to be selected as the recording output.
  • Record Press the record button, open Snapchat, and the other side will never know you’ve been recorded.

Smart, Yeah!