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Create professional-looking videos using Wondershare VidAir

Videos have become the lifeline of blogs, sites, and social media platforms as they instantly get the attention of the users and the viewers. So, if you too are planning to upgrade your existing new site or create a YouTube channel, one of the most challenging and important tasks is to create an interesting video. Creating a video from a scratch can be a daunting task and moreover you might not be able to visualize the end result. So, if too you are worried about all these aspects, there is a perfect tool to help you create professional-looking videos – Wondershare VidAir. This online tool is very simple to use and requires no experience of any video creating or editing.

There are multiple templates in different themes available at the program that you can edit as per your requirements by adding background music, effects, text, and more. So, no matter whether you want to create a video for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or for your business site, Wondershare VidAir is just the right tool and the best online video maker.


Key features of Wondershare VidAir


An online tool with a simple video-making process

 This is an online tool that works from the browser without any need for software download. To use the program, you simply need to free sign-up and then login with the details to access the features. The entire process of creating and editing the videos is quite simple and quick which makes Wondershare VidAir perfect even for beginners.


Wide range of interesting templates

The program comes packed with a wide range of templates in different categories like travel, beauty&fashion, food & drinks, real estate, and more. There is also a search box at the site that can be used for searching any specific template you are looking for. Once you have selected the template, you can choose the alignment like wide, square, or vertical depending on which medium and device you wish to play the created video.


Multiple editing options for complete customization

Wondershare VidAir gives you complete control over video editing and customizations. After the template is selected you can edit it by uploading the local files, adding background music, adding text, adding special effects, and more. The preview option is also there so that you can see how your video will look after it is finally saved. You can save the created video or can even export it.


Promote videos

Wondershare VidAir works as a pocket-friendly program that helps you create interesting videos that further helps to get the viewer’s attention, have better engagement with the customers, increase the traffic and the ranking of the site, boost the sales and the conversions, and more. Using the programs, you can easily create video ads for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites that will eventually lead to an increase in the viewers and thus the sales. There are specific options for YouTube intro maker, and Facebook ads creator.


Pay a little more to get additional benefits

Wondershare VidAir is a free tool but you can upgrade it to remove the ads and the watermarks from the processed videos. Moreover, the paid version offers you 2 GB of cloud storage to store the files and export the videos in better resolution (1080p in comparison to 720p of the free version).

So, sign-up with Wondershare VidAir and let loose your imagination for creating interesting and professional-looking videos for your business, blogs, sites, and also social media platforms. You can use the free version that exports your videos with a watermark or opt for an upgraded licensed version that costs only $9.99 per month.