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Dog Puller — sport for every dog and human!

Dog Puller is the dog sport that was created in Ukraine and conquered all the world from Japan to Canada. It was created to suit every dog and human — and we mean everyone, disregarding their fitness, age, dog breed, and size! It started as a hobby and grew to the full-fledged world sport with two world championships with teams from dozens of countries! Even during the quarantine period the sportspeople don’t stop and participate in online championships!

Dog Puller is extremely easy. It is based on the set of exercises with the PULLER — dog fitness tool. The two main disciplines are Running and Jumping — and we bet that it’s what your dog likes to do the most! The friendly and developed online community and lots of video materials allow you to start training even without the Federation in your country. Dog Puller is a great emotional and physical load your dog needs so much and an excellent way to strengthen the bond between you and keep yourself fit!