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How Having a Good IT Support Provider Can Make Working from Home Easier

Before we spent almost a year of our lives locked up inside of our homes, working from home was just an idea for most of us and was never really an option. Now that we have had to adjust our ways of living, and even more so our ways of working, it has become apparent that almost anyone can now work from home, or remotely.


For many businesses, moving their staff to a work from home basis meant giving up a sense of control and management style which we had become accustomed to. Through time though, employers have learnt to build trust with their employees and working from home is now much more accepted. The flexibility it presents as well as the work-life balance improvements one experiences when working from home have been proven already. Now the next step is to make sure that your business and its employees are, first of all, equipped properly with the correct hardware and systems and secondly, that you have a dedicated team of IT Support technicians who are on-hand 24-hours a day to remotely assist your business and your teams with the help they need.


Most sectors have had to adjust to this – take the busy streets and tubes of London for example, they were all but quiet for the past few months thanks to lockdown and we have millions of workers in the UK who are not returning to an office ever, even after lockdowns end. For many businesses, the past year and a half has added more stresses in terms of having to manage each of your employees’ systems and hardware while they work from home. This is exactly why so many companies are looking towards trusted providers of IT Support London firms and businesses can depend on. It has become even more prevalent that a reliable IT Support Provider can help to make working from home so much easier, and for a number of reasons too.


Having a trusted provider of IT Support for your teams will leave you with three key benefits: always available support; improved network security; and also help with improving your systems. TechQuarters are a provider of Managed IT Services London Packages which look to encompass everything a UK-based business would need in terms of managed IT and network security – with specific emphasis on helping you work more efficiently and collaboratively while at home. With more and more workers going remote – it only makes sense that IT Professionals are being made use of more frequently. These workers are in need of the right tools to communicate, collaborate, and work securely and reliably from their homes.


One thing many companies stress about is the threat of a cyberattack or hack. The threat, while small for most, is still real and cause a company irreputable damage if your financial data or client data is leaked. Making sure that your employees internet connections are secure and protected should be a main priority for your IT Support Partner. They want to ensure that you can search the web and access or download what they need from cloud-based portals. If they require help or assistance, this can easily be provided via remote support. Many tickets can be logged and solved on the same day.


If your business has had to move your teams to a work from home setup – what have you done to help make the transition easier? If you do not already have an IT Support Provider helping you to manage your staff’s hardware and support needs, have a look at some in your area and see what kind of benefits they could bring to your business. We all know that handing something as complex and intricate as and IT System over to an expert is the most logical idea – they are here to make your life, and your workers lives, much easier.