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How to Find Name of Person by His Mobile Number | Proven Ways To Find

How to Find Name of Person by His Mobile Number

How to Find Name of Person by His Mobile Number? In today’s technology world, it is easy to find someone’s name by their phone number, and for free, at best, there are many search-payment tools and options for it. But once you get the person’s name, you also see his other social details, such as his social media accounts and where he or she lives, and of course, not all services work the same, but if you follow our guide, you can learn exactly. How to get someone’s name, address, and other details using his phone number, and it’s free; however, the paid options always show more information.

Run reverse phone number lookup

Run reverse phone number lookup

When you look up a phone number using tools like these, they tell you who the name is, the last name, and other details. Now, this option is the best; however, some sites work faster than others, and it is better to try some options to get accurate search reports.

Now, here’s how to find someone’s name from a cell phone number, and it’s free:

  1. Use a reliable and secure reverse phone number lookup site like the following sites I have tried
  2. Add the phone number you want to reverse the lookup
  3. Click the Search button
  4. Browse search results and see possible names
  5. Choose a person and read more about their details

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Find their name with the search engine.

Find their name with the search engine

If you have recently received a call from an unknown number, the easiest and fastest method you should give is the search engine, especially Google. Google allows us to search people by their phone numbers, and not only that; it may not work for all numbers; it is the best search option to identify who has a cell phone number.

Google is a clever one, but no one understands precisely what you are saying when searching; for some reason, you need to add a phone number to the quote, and that means, hey Google, find me this exact cell number in your database. If a result comes up, it will be on the first page; if not, try the other options below.

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Search their name by phone number with Google

Search their name by phone number with Google

Google dominates the search engine market; therefore, 90% of what people search for is expected on Google search alone. Represents less than 10% of the global search market for all other search engines, phone numbers, words, people, and more. This means that Google can help you determine who the person behind the phone number is.r

On the other hand, there are still some other options like Bing and Yahoo, but they don’t show what Google does in terms of quality and number of searches, so try them as an alternative.

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Try social media sites.

If there is an alternative to people’s search engines, it will be Facebook in the first place and other social media sites in the second place. Facebook alone is so big that Lookup can reverse phone numbers and provide a free way to find out who owns them; however, privacy settings and other factors can hide the actual profile.

Here’s how to find someone on Facebook by their phone number:

  1. Start by entering the correct number in the search box and click to start
  2. Adjust the search filters; therefore, they will help to improve the results
  3. View the profile or posts you received and read more


Zabasearch free reverse phone number lookup. Web search is easy to use and not as complicated as other tools. All you have to do is add a mobile phone number or landline. If you want, click the blue search button. Multiple search results will be found, and you need to check some of them or adjust the filter like the location, for example. After that, look at the potential profiles that you think are linked to the phone number you just entered.

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White pages

If you want to know a person’s name only by their phone number, then try White Pages, it works, and I think it is better than many other premium search tools out there. With just one landline phone number, the user also gets the correct name of the caller and a location like that state or city. You do not need to use other options like paid search package white page offers fur. I don’t think it’s suitable compared to high-quality premium phone lookup tools, but for those who are looking for basic details, it is the best option.

Learn their names with reverse phone lookup

White Pages is a website for establishing who called you using a free reverse phone lookup, but unfortunately, they only land for landline numbers. So, if you want to look up a cell phone number, try other options, not white pages, but free ones.

Here’s how to find the owner of a phone number using White Pages:

  1. Visit whitepage.com
  2. By default, you will find that the search option selected is the full name, so, to switch to the phone number search, click on “River Phone”, it is another option above the search box.

Search. Add the ten digits of the US phone number you want to contrast the lookup within the search box.

  1. Double-check that you have added the correct number
  2. Click the search button in blue

Now. Now, the white page will provide you with the phone owner’s name, carrier, location, and basic report with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.