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How to Unsend a Snap on Snapchat in 2021? | Everything You Need to Know About This

How to Unsend a Snap

Do you want to unsend a snap on Snapchat? Did you suddenly run your heart out because you instantly sent the wrong photo to the wrong person on Snapchat? Hey, it happens! You’re sure you’ll be surprised at some point in your Snapchating years, even if you can’t present it immediately after you send it. Well, we’re here to set the record straight.

Can you unsend it once it’s sent?

Can you unsend it once it's sent

Well, we have to be straightforward to be honest, because there is no sugar coating in this. No, you can’t unsend Snap on Snapchat.

So far, there’s no way to send it instantly once you’ve sent it to the user. Except by a miracle, your instant could not pass immediately (in this case it will pass after you get the network), once the instant leaves your phone, it slips out of your hands.

And you don’t have to try any super weird methods to confirm this, because we’ve done all the homework for you.

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You can’t send instant …

You must have searched the internet in the hope of finding a solution. Well, we did too. We’ve also tried all the so-called “hacks” mentioned on various sites, and some of ours too.

Here’s a list of everything we’ve tried, so you don’t have to.

Here's a list of everything we've tried, so you don't have to

Unfriend the user, does that work? Not its really not

We tried to unfriend the user as soon as we sent it. However, Instant still appeared on the other person’s account, and they were able to see it exactly. Naturally, they could not answer back because they were without friends.

Block user either doesn’t work

This one probably worked at some point, as a number of people swear by this method. However, since then, Snapchat seems to have fixed this error. We blocked the user once we sent a snap, but they still received it and were able to see it. Once they see it, they can’t answer back, until we unblock them again.

No, shutting down data doesn’t work either

Yes, we’ve all heard that if you immediately turn off your data, or put your device in airplane mode, that message will stop passing. However, Snapchat uses a cloud-based system to share your Snapshots; So, you send it that immediately, if you put your device in airplane mode, the instant will be on their server, and will eventually pass.

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Deactivating your account is not good either!

This is another method that seems to have worked in the past. It was used as a last resort to prevent the last user from seeing your send snap. However, this has also been determined. We tried to deactivate our account once we sent Instant, but the user still received Instant and is able to view it.

And, the last one!

Log out, clear cache, and clear data? No, it doesn’t work!

First off, why? But we tried it anyway. Of course, it didn’t work because your instant doesn’t stay on your phone. As soon as you send it, it will be uploaded to the Snapchat cloud.

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How to delete messages sent on Snapchat?

How to delete messages sent on Snapchat?

There is some good news on this front. Snapchat now allows users to delete sent messages even if they haven’t opened them yet! Only the person who sent the message can do it. To learn further about how to delete sent messages or how to unsent messages, check out our article below.

Things you could unsend on Snapchat

First things first, you can’t unsend videos and photos. By default, you can’t unsend any content on Snapchat, all you can do is delete some text or other types of snapshots. You have the option to delete the chats you send to your friends. The only things you can delete from Snapchat are text, bitmaps, and audio messages.

To delete an instant, long-press the image or video. You will see a pop-up that asks you to confirm if you want to delete the conversation.

The person will not be able to read the text from the device when your conversation was not opened on their device, it is important to note that they may be notified if you delete a message from Snapchat. Given that your friend has not yet seen the text, there is no way they will be able to retrieve the deleted message. That means they will never know what you sent them.

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How to delete a failed snap on Snapchat:

How to delete a failed snap on Snapchat

Fix 1: Log out and log in and restart the phone

The easiest way to fix the problem is to simply turn off the phone and restart it. If this doesn’t work, you can try the following steps: Settings> Clear conversation> Delete conversation that failed to send instantly. But this will clear the whole conversation if you do not want to delete your entire conversation with that person. Just log out then log in again.

Fix 2: Clear failed messages

When your message (instant) is not sent, close the Snapchat application and turn off your Internet (if the message is delivered on average). After closing the application, open it again and you will have the option to try again in the chat.

Don’t click on the button to try again but press on your failed text message. A new pop-up will ask you to clear the failed messages.