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Quartz Watch Battery | Quartz Watch Battery Size | Types of Quartz Watch Batteries

Quartz Watch Battery

What are quartz watches?

When someone says this is a quartz watch battery, it means there is a crystal inside the watch under discussion that helps keep time.

Is it complicated?

In fact, it’s a little complicated but why are you worried? Don’t you believe me I will try to explain the power requirement of the quartz clock in the simplest possible way

Wait for crystal use?

So, you can think. Seriously! Crystals are used inside the clock. Crystal-like jewelry shops (ruby, sapphire, etc.). If that’s true then why do I sometimes look at the price of 10 and they say it’s a quartz watch.

Why is quartz watches less expensive at that time?

Why is quartz watches less expensive at that time

In fact, quartz is one of the most common types of minerals found worldwide. Dig the ground and as soon as you hit the solid rock, it’s probably a quartz formation. Similarly, have you gone to the Middle East? In the desert there, in all the sand there is silicon dioxide which is quartz.

So, while there is plenty of quartz around. Watchmakers have found a cheaper way to produce clock movements. To understand why a quartz watch requires a battery you understand how quartz helps in timing.

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How does quartz work?

How does quartz work?
How does quartz work?

Quartz is a crystal and is classified as a piezoelectric material. Piezoelectric is a type of material that creates little flow when squeezed.

So, did you know that there is some squeezing material inside the clock that produces current? No, it works the opposite way. Another property of piezoelectric materials is that when current passes through this material, it vibrates at the same frequency, although the temperature remains constant.

So, the quartz crystal placed inside the clock has been given a little electric shock. The lightning entices the inner molecular structure of the crystal and then it is slated to release the release current received by the current.

This oscillation is measured by the clock’s internal circuit and the gears inside to show a second has passed.

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Need a quartz watch considering the current?

Need a quartz watch considering the current

Quartz watches have come a long way since they were first patented. If you managed to read the description above, you may have noticed that I mentioned that clocks need a little current to run the gears that tick in seconds. The more functions a crystal clock has, the faster it will lose power

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Quartz watch battery size

The voltage is 1.55 V, which is the most used battery in a quartz watch.

Do quartz watches use or need a battery?

Do quartz watches use or need a battery

The answer is yes. A battery is needed to run a quartz watch. The use of quartz crystals on timepieces is a modern invention. The first quartz watches first appeared in 1969. This year, Seiko of Japan discovered how to make quartz in a tuning fork. The tuning fork will follow a certain regular vibration. When a quartz crystal is affected by battery power, it will also produce regular vibrations.

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Types of watch batteries

There are 3 main types of chemistry, silver oxide, alkaline or lithium, in respect of batteries. Lithium button cells will be 3-volt cells (except for the Renata 751 which is a 2V lithium battery) and Silver Oxide and alkaline button cells will be 1.5 volt

So, the clocks have how many power sources you have seen. The most common of these are:

Solar-powered watches:

Solar-powered watches

Consider the Casio G-9300-1 a strategic watch, it has a lot of functions. It is a quartz watch and is powered by a solar panel.

Solar panels store light energy in a capacitor connected to the circuit. As the user moves inwards from the light source, the circuit draws energy from the capacitor which carries the crystal to the c-slate.

Auto Winding Clocks:

Auto Winding Clocks

Some expensive quartz watches have a self-powering device. As the user moves around, the rotating parts inside the clock also move and store the energy radiation used in the capacitor which is used to generate small electric currents that oscillate the capacitor.

Battery-powered watches:

Battery-powered watches

These watches have a small battery inside. The battery powers the internal circuit that controls the time. This quartz watch lasts for a considerable time because the amount of current drawn is so small that the amount provided that it is a normal quartz watch. If the battery runs out of power you need to open the back and replace the battery with the same voltage battery.


So, you know it right now, a crystal inside quartz can slate in multiple ways. Depending on which power source they use, it depends on the manufacturer.

Quartz crystals are piezoelectric in nature. As soon as the current passes through it, the crystal will vibrate 32768 times. This vibration is detected by an internal circuit that drives the gear to increase the time.

There are three common ways to use the piezoelectric properties of crystals. Each has its own significance and implications. So, the question is whether quartz watches need batteries to depend on the power decision being made by the manufacturer itself.