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Ship7: Things You Need To Know About It

Ship7 is shopping assistance and parcel forwarding company, which is based in the UK and US. You will get the opportunity to purchase goods and items from the UK and US without any hassle. All the products will get forwarded to the most reliable and trusted courier who will deliver the item to you within a given time. After you get to become a member of Ship7, you can save money by consolidating your products. Sign up with Ship7 now!


Advantages Of Opting For Ship7

You will receive many advantages once you opt for the services of this particular company. Firstly, the membership will be free. This means you don’t have to provide any fee to register on the Ship7 website. You just have to provide your personal information like your name, address, and so on. Another advantage is that the company offers you the UK and US shipping addresses when you become a member.

The Tax-free Shopping: How Overseas Shoppers Can Avoid Taxes?

The tax-free shopping option will enable you to save money and purchase more items during Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday, and Halloween. If you are an international shopper and wish to avoid taxes, you can do so in several ways. Look below! You will come across some of the best deals, where you can save a lot of cash and conduct tax-free shopping.

  • Complete the sign-up process and receive the US and UK addresses.
  • Shop across hundreds and thousands of stores from the US and without paying the taxes.
  • All your selected items will be transferred to the Delaware warehouse and will take around 72 hours for your product to be ready for shipping.

Additional Free Services Of Ship7

Apart from providing excellent shipping services, the company also provides extra or additional services to all its customers. Here are some of the extra services you will receive.

  • Repacking: The company will split, merge and repack all your products and items according to your needs. Opting for their repacking services will help you save a lot of money. You can shop from all the UK and US stores, and the company will then combine all your items into one large box and ship it to you.
  • Package return service: When you do not like the item you bought, you don’t have to worry much. You just need to let the company know that you wish to return the product to the seller.

Shop For Me Service

The “shop for me” service is a unique way to make their shopping a lot more- simple and easy. When the store you want to shop from doesn’t accept your card, the company will do the shopping on your behalf. They will ship your package to you at the best shipping rates.

The Shipping Rates Of Ship7

When it comes to the shipping rates, it’s pretty low. The company provides discounted shipping rates from the UK and US to over 120 locations across the globe. The company will also not take additional or extra money.

How To Use Ship7?

Once you complete your registration work and receive the shipping addresses, you will get your own suite in the Ship7 warehouse. After that, you can start exploring all the shops across the UK and US and purchase the items you like. You have to use your shipping address when you want to check out. The company will notify you once your product reaches their warehouse. After receiving your package, the company will consolidate it, place it in one big box and ship it to you.

Last Words

Ship7 is currently one of the best shipping companies in the market. They provide half of their services for free and will also charge you a low shipping price. The company has many customers worldwide, and they make sure to deliver all the products and items within a given time to their customers.