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Should Top And Bottom Teeth Touch Pushing Together Rubbing Back

Should Top And Bottom Teeth Touch

Do you want a gorgeous smile and perfect teeth? Some peoples go to the orthodontic consultation to make their teeth perfect. An orthodontist can also fix your bite. Here, we are not talking about how you chew your food, but how your top and bottom teeth fit together inside the mouth for the dental.

Unfortunately, every person has not born with an excellent bite. It is not a big issue but for some persons has a bad taste. It can lead to excessive and uneven tooth wear, jaw joint pain, muscle problems, and headaches.

Teeth should fit not only with each other but also the patient’s facial structure. Every treatment starts with a discussion that we are trying to achieve. You want to align crowded teeth, or your smile looks better in photographs.

Should Top And Bottom Teeth Touch Pushing Together Rubbing Back

Most Common Issues With Biting Off:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite


In adults and children’s it is the most common issue. When the top teeth are in front of and overlapping your bottom teeth. The size and shape of the teeth can cause overbite. The space between your teeth is too small and too long. It may result in signification problem.if overbite may severer.it may result in irreparable damage to your teeth like gum disease, sleep apnea, jaw pain, difficulty speaking, or opening your mouth.


When bottom teeth are in front of the top teeth and overlap them, then underbite occurs. An underbite is not common as an overbite. It may cause a variety of dental problems. Genetic issues cause an underbite. Usually, there is no way to prevent them.


When the top teeth, either the back and front, fit inside the bottom teeth, then crossbite happens. It may cause jaw misalignment. Another crossbite is when the front top teeth are behind the front bottom teeth. Crossbite affects only one tooth or the whole group of teeth. It may cause the jaw to shift in one side, wear down of tooth enamel, or lopsided jaw growth.

Perfect Teeth:

Here is a look at what perfect teeth with an ideal bite should look like multiple angels.

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Best Position Of Teeth Front View:

Best Position Of Teeth Front View

A perfect bite features upper front teeth that line up your lower lip when you smile. When you close your taste, half to two-thirds of bottom teeth should easily be visible. Too much overlapping, meaning you have an overbite. The upper arch of teeth should bit wider than your lower angel. Your upper teeth should sit outside of your lower teeth when biting down.

Perfect Teeth View From Above:

It is also called arch view when you open your mouth wide and low up at the upper teeth’ bottoms or down the tops of lower teeth. When you look at your teeth with this view. they should be aligned with a nice curve. The perfect teeth should touch without any space or overlapping between them.

Straight Teeth Side View:

When you look at your teeth from the side, the back of the top front teeth must rest gently in front of the bottom teeth if edges of the top teeth are biting down directly down on behind the borders of bottom incisors. It’s an abnormal bite called an underbite. Upper teeth should not stick out too far in front of the bottom incisors. These are called excess overjet.

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Way To Get Perfect Teeth:

Way to get perfect teeth


The aligner has become a popular treatment for patients. It is very easy to use and adapt for most patients.no one can know that you are wearing them. You can take it out for a short period. Laster perfect smile is a new option in clear aligners is our laster ideal smile. They are made with highly advanced plastic and extremely special software to get faster.

They provide patients with a more affordable solution. They produce a better smile than any other antigen product. They worked to make everything about aligners experience most customized and better than big aligners companies provide. The orthodontist ideally supervises aligner treatment or, in many cases dentist may supervise. These are cheap, and in many ways, it is a bad idea.


Braces are the most traditional treatment for a perfect bite and straight teeth. There are two types of braces.

  • Braces for adults
  • Braces for children

Braces Treatment For Adults:

Braces for adults have to potential very successful now. Many of our patients deal with bone loss or tooth loss by opting for traditional braces with clear brackets. They give the precision of braces with a more esthetic look.

Braces Treatment  For Children:

Braces treatment best option for children. Early treatment is essential for best results. The children limited space for adult teeth. Single-phase treatment both are available. Preteen patients who choose this treatment. They feel comfortable and enjoy life.

Two-Phase Treatment:

Two-phase orthodontic treatment bassed on some interceptive orthodontic treatment. At the age of 7-11, the intercepted treatment is needed for more complex bite problems crowding the teeth. Some early works make their problems less and sometimes can create enough space extraction are not required. For somebody doing an early phase make a big difference in creating a perfect smile.


How Do Your Teeth Look After Braces?

When you look down after braces in the mirror, the end of the top teeth should perfect between two bottom teeth. The back upper teeth should rest in contact in front of the lower one. Mainly your bite should be close.

Should My Top And Bottom Teeth Touch When My Mouth Is Closed?

No, it will not touch because the resting position does not touch teeth. When the mouth is closed, the teeth are slightly apart.

Are Your Teeth Supposed To Touch?

Jaw opening and closing allow us to bite, speak and chew properly. Your teeth will not touch while speaking. Teeth will only touch when you eat.

Should Molars Touch When Biting?

When we bite, the upper and lower jaw come together. Upper teeth should fit slightly over your lower teeth, and your molars should include the grooves of another molar. If your jaws are the same it then you have a healthy bite.

Hows is Your Jaw Supposed To Sit?

Upper teeth should fit slightly over your lower teeth.


Teeth play an important role in our lives, even we speak or eat. Perfect teeth are good for a healthy life. If you feel any issue in your top and bottom teeth touch, this article will guide you and go to your dentist. They will guide you in the best way.