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The Best UX Design Principles You Must Know In 2021

When it comes to designing, everyone thinks of creativity and something that looks beautiful. Individuals try out different patterns and crafts to make a platform that looks beautiful. But the unique thing with UX design is it not only makes the site aesthetically pleasing but also has great user research. To achieve that, you have to learn about UX design principles. It will help you combine the necessary principles and rules, which will offer a better user experience in the end.

In the present scenario, an ample amount of platforms are available which can be used. But the focus should be on looking for a platform that offers the ultimate “Experience” and focus on UX design aspects. As per a report by Forrester Research, it has been found that the conversion rate increases by 200% with an effective and great UI. But a UX interface can increase it by 400%, which shows its importance. In this article, you will learn about the top UX design principles and the ultimate designing tool to prepare the platform.

Top UX Design Principles

The ultimate objective of UX design is to engage as many customers as possible and win their trust and loyalty. It is the aim of every business, and the list of UX design principles and best practices will help offer incredible experiences. They are:

●    Making It Clean

Smartphones are used by everyone nowadays, and the website that’s not mobile-friendly will not receive traffic. If an app or a site is not compatible with a smartphone, users will drop using the app and not the device. Also, some apps are so suffocated with graphics or other designing elements that it looks untidy. That’s why when you prepare a platform, it should be clutter-free. When people see it, they should feel fresh, and making a clean app should always be your priority.

●    Follow The Minimum Input Rule

The smartphones have a small space, so there is hardly any space for para typing. The UX design must reflect this aspect, and the less a platform has, the better it is for users. It won’t bother users to put a strain on fingers, and the app will create a better impression. The site you are designing must be user-friendly and must have autocomplete features.

●    Intuitive Navigation

Navigation is a crucial parameter, and it makes the site fit people’s comfort zone. In your life, just like you want things to flow smoothly, the same thing is applicable here also. The clarity should be consistent, the connection should be secure, and stress must not exist. The navigation needs to be like this, and you can make it intuitive. It must provide clarity on the present location, offer navigation bars, and use familiar icons and patterns.

●    Making Texts Legible

The texts should fit on web and mobile browsers, and they should be average. People should be able to read the context easily. It must not strain your eyes, and digital vision syndrome is the most important thing you must not want your users to get. The tests need to be distinguishable and readable. You must adjust and correct spacing, length, font size, style of the text, etc. The tuning should be proper, and before uploading, you must test the prototype on different device modes.

●    Creating An Amazing Onboarding Screen

The level of engagement will be determined by the onboarding experience. It is one of the crucial principles of designing trends. The onboarding experience acts as a direct indicator of what users can expect from the platform. Hence, it would help if you made it as indulgent and attractive as possible.

●    Easy To Get Taps

The design of a platform should be done so that the tap size should be kept into consideration. Users should be able to click quickly without wasting time in searching. If it takes a lot of time, users will not feel comfortable using it and ultimately stop using the platform. So, the tap size should be at least 7 to 10 mm to make pin-point touches easy.

●    Suit Content For Mobile And Web Browser

Poor optimization is a problem people stop using any platform, but the UX design will solve this issue. For that, you have to keep the above factors in consideration. They are:

  • The images should be of crystal clear resolution, and you must also work on overstretch, pixelation issues, and aspect ratio.
  • Video is the most sought medium of content consumption, so a large section of people use YouTube and Instagram. So, while uploading videos, you must remember zero distortion when you rotate the screen.

●    Using The White Space Efficiently

You must use the white space efficiently, and the best example is the Google homepage. It is an elementary part of mobile, web, and design. The white space creates a plainness, clarity, and clear view look. Additionally, it helps users to identify the perfect place to click and search for things. All these things will make the user journey more amazing. That’s why handling the white space is a critical parameter in UX design.

●    Creating Push Notifications

Push notifications must push useful things, and they should not remind users like “look here, our platform has got push notifications.” It should be designed by maintaining the quality and must impart actionable and valuable courses to people. The push notifications must give useful notifications on deals, offers, and valuable alerts. It reminds users of the new things and the things you can claim within the last date.

●    Context Is Crucial

The context will help in determining the intended end-users interacting with the UX design. Before you start the designing process, you must consider the devices you plan to target. It will help access the web page and app and remember that mobile browsing gives the most online traffic. Before you begin, you must survey to know what the end customers are looking for. It will help in creating a platform that will match the customers’ requirements.

●    Keep It Simple

On average, less than 15 seconds are spent by people on the site. So, you should keep this aspect in mind while designing, as the brand message needs to be simple and clear. It is better to have a busy design as users find it difficult to get the message. Minimizing or eliminating the unnecessary options will help you understand what the brand deals with. A simple design will also help to load the site quickly.

Keeping the basic UX principles, you can now go ahead and start using the best UX tool. The user experience is a crucial aspect, and based on that, you can determine how people will interact with the site. Now take a look at the tool that you must consider using.

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The Best Tool For UX Design

Wondershare Mockitt is a suitable online platform that you can use, and it fulfills all the above UX principles. It is divided into three parts, prototyping, flow chart, and design. By using the basic features, you can build your platform where everything is perfect. Some of the features of the platform are:

  • Flowchart tool: It guides you to understand the progress and flow of the design and how far you have reached. It also sends information to all members in the project stating where you have reached. It makes your communication efficient and clearer. You can transform the existing prototype to create a flow chart and switch between themes quickly.
  • Design tool: It is a real-time collaboration with a broad range of vector tools, like Bezier curve, Pen, Pays layout tool, Pen tool for adapting smart page layout, widgets, etc. It lets you create designing standards and specifications for the team. As a result, everyone can follow the same, and there won’t be any confusion. While previewing, anyone can see the real-time changes and also get feedback from everyone.
  • Prototyping tool: It is the most significant part as the design should be appealing to customers. It has a drag and drop prototyping button with a wide range of templates and widgets. To start using the platform, you do not need to have any experience with coding language. The lean UX principles will help you create a fantastic platform for your users. Also, there is no training required from experts to learn how to use the platform.

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Use Wondershare Mockitt

Designing prototypes using Wondershare Mockitt will help in increasing efficiency and reducing time. By using the best tool, you can design sites that have fully functional graphics. Significantly, it is easy to use, and you can easily get comfortable with the tool. Compared to all other products available in the market, it is swift and intuitive, and you can take advantage of a growing and extensive list of features.

You can also switch to the evolving SaaS applications and have a clear roadmap. It gives a zero-learning curve to those who wish to take advantage of the top-class aspects quickly. Thus, without wasting time, you must start using the platform today.