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The Coming of the COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 has been one of the worst disease outbreaks in the past century, with only the Spanish flu of 1920 coming close in terms of the effect. The entire year has been bleak, as we face the pandemic’s effects such as the mortality rate and loss of jobs.

Looking at the negativity brought, many people can’t wait for the COVID-19 vaccine to come by. A vaccine is already on the way, and it brings the much-needed glimmer of hope to many who have been avoiding the disease.

While not many people know about the vaccine, here are some of the few things we know about it.


  Trial Stages

There have been various tests of a vaccine to end the pandemic ever since it became full-blown at the beginning of 2020. Many vaccines have undergone testing, and presently, there are almost 63 vaccines under trial. You should know that the development of the vaccine has been one of the fastest in the history of inoculations.

Its development took less than a year to come out, and its competitor in terms of speed is the measles vaccine, which took four years. This will set the pace for the fast development of other vaccines in the future, especially those that will tackle severe viral outbreaks.


   The Various Vaccines Available

Several vaccines are going past the trial stages, and many are proving to be effective so far. There are two standout medications, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, both of which show promising results. The former is usable for those above 16-years old, and the latter is for 18-year olds and above in age, though Moderna has tests to go for those 12-years and older.

There is also the Astrazeneca-Oxford vaccine, which presently has a 70% efficacy, though reports indicate it could reach 90%.


   How The Vaccines Are Faring

When looking at inoculations, you pay attention to their effects in fighting the pathogen in question. The two aforementioned vaccines are showing great progress, with Pfizer having a 95% efficacy in acting against COVID-19 symptoms, while Moderna has a 94.1%

The efficacy of the two standout vaccines seems to depreciate in the elderly, though they still bring their best in preventing the viral attack. With further improvements, the vaccines can help eliminate this virus and bring the relief many people have been waiting for.


   Side Effects Of The Vaccine

Does the COVID-19 vaccine have side effects? Presently there are reports of mild side effects, which is an improvement from the severe effects subjects experienced during earlier trial stages. The most reported side effect of the vaccine is some reaction on the injection site, bordering on itchiness to pain on some people.

Other effects of the vaccine include headache and fatigue, reported from roughly 63% of those who took the medication. 38% reported incidences of muscle pain, which receded with time. Fewer people reported chills and sweating or feeling feverish generally. The side effects seem bearable, and it is one reason why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the use of the inoculants.


   Population Reach

Many people are at the risk of contracting coronavirus, meaning the involved authorities must race against time to ensure everybody gets the vaccine and stands immune. The projection is to produce 1.3 billion doses of Pfizer, 1 billion doses of Moderna, and 3 billion doses of Astrazeneca-Oxford by the end of 2021.

These are good numbers, and if they manage to supply the vaccine to almost half the world population, the virus will be under control.


   Will I Contract COVID-19 after Vaccination?

Post-vaccination measures need utter adherence to improve the efficacy of the inoculant. Yes, you can contract COVID-19 after vaccination, as it takes roughly two weeks to build immunity. During this period, you are vulnerable to contract the virus as the body is yet to build full immunity. It means you should still keep up with the preventive measure to be on the safe side.


Final Word

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the low points of 2020, with many things on the line, especially our health. The good news is that a vaccine is rolling out, and things look bright as many people seek to get back to their normal lives.

We now have to wait for the vaccine to come out fully and see how it will help deal with this viral outbreak.