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Top 10 Popular Different Types of Logo Designs in 2024

Top 10 Popular Different Types of Logo Designs in 2024

Every day you come across different types of logo designs around you, isn’t it? You might think that they are just symbols or name of the business. But logos are not just random symbols they represent some meaning behind it. If you are not aware of it, read on to understand the significance of logos. Essentially, a logo signifies the identity of a business. Sometimes logos are only symbols, some logos are a combination of texts and symbols, and some are only texts. A logo represents two things, the text reveals the name of the company and the symbol signifies your business.

However, if you want to design a logo, explore the top 10 types of logo design listed in this article. First of all, let us know about the different elements of logo design.

Elements of Logo Design
Designing a logo requires in-depth research and some creativity. Well, you need to consider these four elements to design an attractive and meaningful logo for business.

  • Brand
  • Logo Style
  • Font
  • Color Now

let’s take a closer look at all the components of logo design. It will help you understand the essential parts of any design process.


The first element of logo design is a brand that means it tells about the value and personality of your company. Ask some important questions before start designing a logo for your business.

  • How do you want the audience to perceive your brand?
  • Do you want to perceived as trendy or classic?
  • Is your brand focus economy or high-end?

These questions will help the audience to understand your brand in a better way. Now let’s understand about different styles of logo design.

Logo Style.

You may have some idea in your mind for designing your logo, now let’s make it more clear with different logo design styles.

  • Wordmarks: Wordmarks logo style is a text-only logo. It is nothing but the representation of your company name with stylistic text.
  • Letter-marks: Letter marks logo style is also a text-only logo but it represents the initial letters of a company name.
  • Brandmarks: Brandmarks logo style is the representation of a symbol that means it only represents a symbol only.
  • Combination marks: Combination marks logo style contains a symbol with text. There are many companies which have these types of logos.

We will know more about the different types of logo designs in this article later. Now let us understand another important part i.e., the font style for logo design.


Professional designers consider every factor of a logo. If you are not a designer, you may have ignored the font style. But it represents the personality of your logo, so let’s dive in.

As there are a number of fonts available, we will only look at some of the standard font styles. You can conduct your own research for more logo design font style.

  • Modern: The modern font style represents mainly three important qualities of your brand i.e., style, strength, and dynamic.
  • Serif: Serif font style represents classic which is perceived as reliable and trustworthy. So, you can use it for showing authenticity and tradition.
  • Script: Script font style represents creativity and a diversified taste. If your brand shows multiple things and some creativity then it is the best option.

However, you may get confused while using fonts. So, keep the following things in mind before choosing fonts.

  • Never use more than two different fonts in your logo, it may become complex and nobody can understand it.
  • While designing you can experiment with the fonts with its various properties such as weight, height, spacing, etc.
  • Make sure that the logo fonts can be easily readable. You may use your logo in stamp size, so keep this in mind.
  • The font should match with the logo design and show the value of your brand.

Now let’s look at the final component of your logo that is the colour. Colour has a significance which gives a feeling to your brand. It connects to the emotions of your audience to your brand.


If your brand has a particular colour then you can go with it. Otherwise, you can choose the different colour codes from the emotional triggers of colour. It will help you to connect to your audience effectively. So, make sure to choose the colours carefully while designing your logo.

A strong logo can set you apart from your competitors. Here is the logo design style guide that will help you design a logo for your business.

Top 10 Types of Logo Designs.

As in the second element of logo design, we have discussed logo design styles now let us understand it in detail.

  • Monogram Logos.

These types of logos are also known as ‘letter marks logos’ which we have discussed in the style elements of logo design. This logo style represents the name of the company. But the logo style uses the initials of the company name instead of using the full name.

This type of logo helps the brand to show their name in only two or three letters rather than showing its full name. It helps people to easily remember the brand name and it keeps in their mind for a long time.

It is a typography letter format logo design that shows a brand’s simplicity. Instead of going for a fancy image or symbol, it simply uses the first letters of the company name. Usually, it uses the letters because the company name is long.

  • Logotypes

Logotypes are also known as “Wordmarks” that we have discussed in the logo style elements. It also uses text forms in the logo but it is slightly different from the monogram logos. Here it uses the complete name of the logo instead of initials. This type of logo is unique, attractive, and simpler than the previous one. The best example of this type of logo is Google.

  • Logo Symbols

This type of logos is also known as “brand marks” that use a symbol or icon. This type of logos can be easily recognizable from the crowd. However, it requires artistic skills and creativity to design such logos. You need to pay attention to the meaning and design of the logo. One of the best examples of this type of logo is “Twitter.”

  • Abstract Logos

These type of logos shows some visual elements that show a picture without any literal connotations. You can use any type of geometric symbols for designing such types of logos. This type of logo has a unique representation of your brand with an image and you can add different colours to make it more attractive and meaningful.

  • Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are also images or symbolical representation but it has some unique feature. It represents a character behind the brand that means the image or symbol shows the brand ambassador of the business. If you can create your mascot creatively, your audience will love to connect with you. One of the best examples of such a brand logo is the KFC logo.

  • Combination Marks

Combination marks are the type of logos that combine both text and image or a symbol. It is a unique idea to use text and picture in your logo and stand out from the crowd. However, you need some good design skills and also artistic skills for this type of logo design. You need to take care of the colour of the symbol, colour of the text, font style, and alignment while designing this type of logo.

  • Letterforms

These types of logos are relatively similar to monogram logos. However, instead of using multiple letters, it uses the minimalistic form of design that is it uses only the first letter of the brand.

This type of logos is versatile and scalable, you can use it on the web, printed materials, etc. If you are running an online business you can create a letterform logo. You can also contact our web design services for this type of logo. One of the best examples of this type of logo is “Viacom”.

  • Emblem logos

Generally, these types of logos are the oldest style which includes a badge or stamp with a symbol inside the emblem. Most of the government organizations, institutes, and schools use this type of logos.

  • Fonts Inside a Shape

These types of logos are nothing just the name of the company inside a shape. The shape can be square, elliptical, or any type of shape. One of the famous brands in this type is “Samsung.”

  • Slime logos

This is one of the trendy logos nowadays that use cartoonist font insides. You can design these logos on your own or can take help from professional services.

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  • Conclusion

Hopefully, the article has helped you to understand different types of logos. As I have mentioned that logo represents your values and the name of your company, you need to pay attention to it. If you need help from professional services, don’t hesitate to invest time and money to design your logo.