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Tungsten Weights vs Lead | How Heavy is Tungsten

Tungsten Weights vs Lead

‘‘There is no other way in the world that I can pay more than one penny for one piece of the sinker. Impossible! ”

This is one of the lines we have chosen for a lively online discussion on tungsten weights vs lead. I was not shocked as it is an argument, I hear many times.

Forget the parliamentary debates you watch on TV. Anglers also debated a number of topics and this is one of them that has left many with the experience. Let’s clean the air and help you understand the difference between lead vs tungsten instruments.

First of all, each one works best when used properly and in the right environment. This is a detailed description of the two but not a competition in which we will choose the winner. It should help you to make a firm decision in your choice.

There are many benefits to each weight but the main difference is the size of the tungsten weights is smaller than the lead weights. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Big Difference Between Leader vs Tungsten Weights for Fishing

Tungsten Weights for Fishing

We are all worried about how much we will spend on angling gear whether it is weight or kayak. So, the price has always been among the major factors that distinguish tungsten from lead weights. That’s aside because it comes later after the differences in performance and professionalism.

Here, we describe and briefly describe the dividers to help you be informed and know what to choose.

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The size makes one major difference between the two. The size of the tungsten weights compared to the lead weights is very small. It may not be obvious at low ounces like 3.8oz.

However, if you start to rise to a height as high as 1 ounce or more. One lead ounce weight compared to one tungsten weight; the size will be close to half the lead size.

If you are looking for a small presentation of finesse, small size of tungsten weight will be ideal. Heavy water pressure anglers use thin lines and traps. Tungsten will shine in such a situation. If you can find small tungsten moving head, it will be a success.

Tungsten tighter weights are also excellent options for such pressed water. Others go for soccer jigs or regular jig heads. Soccer jigs never hang in rocky places.


One factor that many anglers consider is poison. Unlike lead, tungsten is nontoxic. This means that the past is harmful to the environment when you dump it, inhale it, or inhale it. For example, if you are fishing with lead tools as do many anglers, and the line breaks, that is the beginning of a disaster.

Lead is irreversible and remains in the water as it spreads toxins. The fish will smell and will certainly be bad news. Yes, we’ve been working on fishing for the leading weight but that’s what they can do.

Fishing is about conservation and many people hate earning water. Applying tungsten weights does not leave any toxins or harm to the environment.


Tungsten weights are heavy and will retain energy throughout. This means that it will maintain its shape for a long time either if you continue to throw weights under the harbors or hit many on the rocks. Leading cannot take this toll and will go into all unfamiliar situations or bends. Over time, this drains your weight.

You will need to keep rehearsing it regularly. If your weight loss is pinched off due to punching, it is useless. If a difficult option is available, why not invest it permanently and save on regular purchases of cheap weight-bearing products?


What makes tungsten metals so thin compared to lead weights? It’s not a manufacturer’s choice! Tungsten is stronger and heavier than its leading partner. Having this difficulty in tungsten weights will allow for greater sensitivity to rocks and rock structures.

When fishing, you want the best sensitivity you need and feel the tip of the stick. Bass anglers will admit this as these people are finicky and love to catch. They are not on strike. With a slight increase in sensitivity, you will feel all the subtle bites.

If you throw your tungsten metal into the dark and dirty dirt that is not visible, as you pull it down, you will feel your rod as it moves through the soil or sand. If you reach a pile of rocks or a stump of a stick, you will feel a great difference when you use lead materials.

With tungsten weights, it is easy to feel even the tiniest stones, with any changes in the structure in which you are pulling the weight.


You may be wondering why noise is a factor here. Yes, many fish are spoiled by noise and find it difficult to catch them. For example, the noise from boats with big motors can scare trout.

Sometimes, the sound becomes desirable. Weights make clicking sounds that help bass and other types of animals to capture your attraction. There is a difference in the sounds made by tungsten and lead.

Lead is soft and not too thick. This means that it creates a confusing noise when the weight hits something. However, the magnitude of the noise will depend on the weight of the lead.

Tungsten is hard and will hit areas with a lot of pitch noise. You will hear a different high-pitched sound with a click. Usually, this difference will be the decision to get the bite.

If you are close to anglers using lead weights and prefer to click on the rocks using tungsten strikes, you may be planning a big bite first.

Availability and price

Money! The budget is always the decision of most fishermen/women when buying equipment. Most people can choose to earn because it is cheaper. What makes the price of tungsten weights so high is its availability.

While any early company is capable of producing lead instruments, not all of them can work in tungsten. Tungsten requires a temperature of 6,192 degrees F. It needs high-quality equipment, a warehouse, and a boys’ pack that will help with the weaving.

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Tungsten Weights vs Lead Which is more sustainable?

Tungsten Weights vs Lead Which is more sustainable?

At one time, leadership was banned because of its environmental impact. During the ban, other instruments were used. Tungsten has been identified as heavy and heavier than lead which is why it is so popular

If your weight is going to have a sharp edge, the weight can cause linear curvature. Some provinces may still be denied leadership while being removed from other provinces.

We remind you to check your country’s regulations while still using lead instruments. Also, if you are planning a fishing trip outside of your area, consideration will be given to ensuring that the areas you intend to fish allow for their use. You will not want to be fined or imprisoned for this.

Lead vs Tungsten Weights - Conclusion

Lead vs Tungsten Weights – Conclusion

Tungsten weights are very expensive and if you are buying on a tight budget, it does not matter. However, if you can spend more money, this will be a solid alternative to long-term use and environmentally safe.

Tungsten weights will give you a great advantage when you feel low positions among other benefits. The difference made by tungsten sinks can greatly influence that friend to bite. Factors such as falls and noise can cause them to strike. You can save some and try tungsten weights.

Lead weights are very common due to their low price and high availability. They are toxic to the environment and unsustainable but are considered for most anglers. Even if you use them, be careful not to leave them in the water intentionally.