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Fix or Solve Unfortunately gboard Has Stopped Error on Android Devices

Unfortunately gboard Has Stopped

So, you pull out your Android device to send a quick message to your friends that you’ll be late for lunch with them, and all of a sudden, your keyboard will bell on you. No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t go to work at all. You love your Android for all the swift messages you want, and now you see the message ” unfortunately board has stopped.”

No doubt, you want to fix the problem quickly. If you’re looking for solutions to fix ” unfortunately board has stopped,” read on. Given solutions should work on most Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony Xperia, Motorola, LG, and Android devices.


Solutions for ” unfortunately board has stopped”

Solutions for " unfortunately board has stopped"

Solution 1: Restart the keyboard

Restarting the keyboard can be very effective in resolving the issue. Some readers found this helpful. While some said the problem returned later, others found the problem to be one-time, which was resolved when the keyboard was restarted.

  • Go to the device’s settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the Apps section of the app and tap on App Manager
  • Swipe to go to the All tab
  • Look for the Android Keyboard app and tap on that
  • Now tap on Force Stop to pause the keyboard

Exit the settings menu and go back to using the keyboard and check if it works. If you happen to use a third-party keyboard or if the device manufacturer has installed its keyboard, you should find the keyboard you are using. Like Samsung, users will find that they use the Samsung Keyboard, so you must find the Samsung Keyboard under Apps.


Solution 2: Restart the device

There may be some issues with the application. Device reboot can solve basic application problems and fix simple interruptions in the device. Restart the device and check that the keyboard is working. Many readers have found this to be a permanent solution to the problem, but those who see the problem coming back should try other solutions.


Solution 3: Clear the cache and data for the keyboard

Clearing the application’s cache and data allows you to remove files that may have caused bugs. Can be corrupted or even create problems. While deleting cache files does not delete any important information, you will lose your settings when you delete data files from any application. If you made certain changes to the keyboard, you would lose those settings. You will have to go to keyboard settings again and make changes once again.

  • Go to your device’s settings menu
  • Tap on Application Manager or Applications (depending on the model of phone you are using)
  • Swipe to Tab, which contains ” ALL ” applications
  • Now look for the keyboard app. It could be an Android keyboard or the keyboard you’re using if you’ve installed a third-party keyboard or manufacturer’s skin on top of stock Android.
  • Keyboard Tap on the Keyboard app
  • Tap on Clear Cache
  • Clear Now tap on Clear Data
  • Tap OK to confirm

Once the cache and data files have been deleted, restart your device and check that the keyboard is working.


Solution 4: Clear Cache and Data Files for App

The G app is closely connected to the dictionary application keyboard application. If for some reason, you get the error “Unfortunately the keyboard is off”, there is a possibility that it may be due to corrupt files in the dictionary application. Cutting these files can help solve the problem.

  • Go to your device’s settings menu
  • Tap on Applications Manager or Applications
  • Swipe to go to the All tab
  • Scroll down and find the dictionary application and tap on it
  • Tap on Clear Cache
  • Tap on Clear Data
  • Tap OK to confirm

Once the cache and data files have been deleted, check to see if the problem is fixed.


Solution 5: Update Google Keyboard (or whatever keyboard you’re using)

Some of our readers pointed out that this problem can be solved by updating the Google keyboard. If you are using another keyboard, update it. To update the google keyboard, you have to first open the Play Store, tap on the three horizontal lines and tap on My Apps and Games. If there is an update available for the keyboard, tap to update the keyboard.


Solution 6: Reset keyboard settings

Special devices like Samsung devices use the Samsung keyboard. You will have the ability to reset the keyboard settings, which can help solve the problem. If you are a user of Samsung, then follow these steps to reset the settings:

  • Go to your device’s settings menu
  • Look under Language system and language and input and tap on it
  • Samsung Tap on the Samsung keyboard
  • Scroll down and then tap on Reset Settings
  • Now check to see if the problem is solved or not.

Solution 7: Use a third-party keyboard application

Let the keyboard application go to the people they are using Choose a third-party application for the default keyboard and use it instead. It will not solve the problem you have with your keyboard, but it will allow you to use the keyboard. Check out the Play Store for the keyboard that’s right for you. Once you have installed the keyboard, you will be asked if you want to set it as default. Select the newly installed keyboard by default.


Solution 8: Update the device software

Your device’s software plays an essential role in keeping all applications running smoothly. If you have delayed the software update for a long time, you must install the updates. Updates ensure that all known bugs and errors are fixed with the update.

  • Go to your device’s settings menu
  • Type about device
  • Tap on Software Update or System Update
  • The device will try to search for new updates.