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What is Body Butter? | Types of Body Butter Vs Lotion

If you’re serious about skincare, you’ve probably heard the word body butter in conversations with your friends, on the Internet, or in your favorite beauty magazine. But what is body butter, and how can it benefit your skin? Continue reading to learn about this type of moisturizer and how it can help you and your skin.


What is body butter?

What is Body Butter

Body butter is a deeply hydrating skin moisturizer. It is usually a thick cream made from cocoa butter, shea butter, and mango butter. Some butter is also poured with essential oils for extra pleasure for your skin. By means of a unique formula of body, butter is that it can protect your skin from dryness and help you recover from rough or dry skin.

It does this by licking the moisture. It can also help aged skin that loses its ability to look moisturized, healthy, and radiant. Some formulas may contain specific ingredients that address specific skin issues, such as moisturizing, softening the skin, or moisturizers to add moisture.

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Types of body butter

Body butter usually contains one of the following: cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter. Here are some of the most important differences between these three components:

Types of body butter

Cocoa Butter: This butter has much Vitamin E and natural antioxidants that help soothe and hydrate your skin. Because it is so powerful, it is one of the most popular types of body butter.

Mango Butter: Like cocoa butter and shea butter, mango butter also contains high fatty acids, making it one of the three most useful moisturizers. It is a natural emollient that can help you keep the skin soft and calm while irritating.

Shea butter: Shea butter is made from almonds from the African shea tree. It has many vitamins A and E and also contains fatty acids. One of the best options is to keep your skin soft and moisturized throughout the day.

Somebody butter formulas use a combination of all three ingredients for skin-enhancing action. Make sure you choose the right one for your skin.

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How to use body butter

Another great quality of all-body butter is that they are easy to use and have many purposes. Read the ideas below for a little inspiration on how you can use them to achieve your personal skin goals!

  • If you want to relax, try lavender-infused body butter. This type of body butter helps to soothe your swelling while you sleep and moisturize your skin deeply overnight.
  • Use body butter immediately after bathing to deeply moisturize your skin and prevent moisture loss. If you shave, applying body butter to your skin afterward can also help prevent your skin from getting moisturized and dry. Learn more about avoiding dry skin after bathing here.
  • If you experience dryness in different places all-around your body – For example elbows, knees and ankles. Apply body butter to these areas regularly. This can help improve the texture of your skin and prevent future dryness.
  • Are you pregnant? Apply body butter to keep your skin moisturized and reduce the chances of getting stretch marks during your pregnancy.
  • For a fresh and luxurious moisturizing for your skin, use body butter with rose essence.
  • If your hands or feet are very dry, use body butter for an overnight treatment to help improve your skin. To do this, apply a thick layer of butter on your hands and feet. After that, cover them with gloves or related stuff to prevent the moisturizer from rubbing. Remove your gloves or socks in the morning and rinse off any remaining excess product.
  • If you just spend a day outdoors, apply body butter after your Fun Day sunshine. This can help you avoid dryness from daily contact with the door. For amazing growth, try citrus body butter that reminds you of summer.
  • Are you prone to acne or breakouts? Avoid using body butter on your face in any of these cases. Body butter is very thick, so if your skin has acne it can stick to your pores.

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Body butter vs lotion

Body butter vs lotion

At this point, you will ask yourself a very understandable question: “What’s so special about Body Butter?” On the surface, it looks just like a body lotion. In reality, there are a few differences between the two, including the following examples:

  • Body butter is better than lotion. This makes it great for deep moisture.
  • Since body butter is a heavy product, it is a great choice to use before going to bed or during a spa day. On the other hand, the lotion is more effective as a long-lasting daily moisturizer.
  • Compared to lotions, body butter contains thicker butter and oils such as shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.
  • The lotion has a mild formula, so it is best for daily use. Because it is a lighter product, you may need to apply it more often throughout the day than with body butter.
  • Lotions contain more water and less oil than body butter. This is why lotions tend to have a lighter formula that absorbs faster.

Overall, you need to choose the right moisturizer formula for your needs. Try using a combination of body butter and body lotion throughout the day in your daily skincare routine to find the perfect lifestyle for you. You may find that a combination of butter and lotion helps you keep your skin looking and healthy every day by day.

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Key Takeaways

  • Body butter is a thick cream that deeply moisturizes. It can help protect your skin from dryness as well as rough or itchy skin.
  • Body butter typically contains a combination of naturally obtained butter such as cocoa butter, shea butter, or mango butter.
  • Body butter is better than lotion, making it best to use at night. Since the lotion is lighter than body butter, you can choose it for daily use.