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5 Best Wood for Smoking Ribs | Best for Outdoor BBQ

Big Green Egg Smoking Chips

Do you like that smoky taste on your BBQ meat? If yes, then we are going to tell you about the best wood for smoking ribs. With summer approaching, it’s time to clean your grill and get ready for outdoor BBQ parties. Take your cookout to an excellent height by incorporating it into wooden jars or chips while grilling.

Smoking with wood chips spreads the ribs with a rich, smoky taste and aroma. Given that wood funds bring different flavors to the ribs, the most important thing is what kind of wood flavor to use.

Subtle yet delicate fruity wood-flavored wood chips, such as peach, apple, and cherry elite ribs. For more intensely smoked delicious pecans, oak, hickory, and mesquite are the perfect chips to get the ribs to get the ‘high alley’ restaurant flavor that is indispensable.

Here are your top 5 selected wood chips on the market today to make your grilling season a fun and delicious experience without further ado.


Big Green Egg Smoking Chips

Big Green Egg Smoking Chips

The best apple wood for smoking ribs. First on our list is Big Green Egg, which is highly regarded for its high-end BBQ grills. In addition to the grille, they also have a piece of wood with a different flavor to give your ribs a smoky taste.


Wood quality

Large green egg apple wood chips are the most common type of whole wood chips for ribs. It is made from 100% premium natural applewood. In fact, it is recommended for everyone who has gas, charcoal, or electric grill.

Applewood is treated to keep out pests, rot, and mold. So, you can be sure that your chips can last a long time without any damage as you wait for the next grilling session.



Measuring about 180 cubic inches, these oversized apple BBQ smoking chips come in a large 2.9L bag. These are full-size chips that leave with a simple apple scent that slowly releases the rich flavor fumes.

However, one thing you should understand when using applewood chips is that applewood makes your smoked ribs darker brown, which is nothing to worry about. For a more effective and more vibrant flavor than this, you can soak it in water for 30 minutes and then add it to your grill charcoal or sprinkle on it to give your pores a final taste experience.

Herbs and paired with your favorite BBQ sauce You can create your own recipe for consistent taste and aroma. These Applewood chips have no addictiveness that can harm your health.


Western Premium BBQ

Western Premium BBQ

If you want to prepare unique dishes of smoked meat, cherry wood chips are a perfect choice. Characterized by a cheerful mild-flavored sweet and sour that cannot change the taste of your ribs. As a result, it is the most favorite piece of wood on the market because it can grill almost everything you need.


Wood quality

Become a BBQ hero by giving your friends and family the strong taste they deserve. Western premium BBQ cherry wood parts are made from all-natural cherry wood in the USA and can be used on gas, electric, and charcoal grills, including your personal smoker; it is also ideal for large smokers.

Also, you can store parts for longer and use them when you host a BBQ party or family gathering. The best quality part is ideal for outdoor BBQ.



The portion is approximately 549 cubic inches per package. However, a bag full of cherry chunks when the bag is large enough to serve three and more BBQ sessions depending on your meat and grill or smoker size.

This package includes small chips that catch fire quickly for smoking and burning. For a great taste, a large portion of cherry wood burns slowly while producing a fragrant smoke and aroma while allowing your ribs to cook full and long.

The instructions on the package advise against steeping them, but you can steep if you prefer a lighter of your meat.

Based on customer reviews, add a handful of cherry chunks during your smoking process to give your ribs the desired mild flavor. To cook your ribs evenly, spread the wood pieces evenly over a grill or smoker, then close the lid and let it absorb that sweet, smoky cherry flavor.

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Camerons Products Smoking Wood

Camerons Products Smoking Wood

Introducing oak wood parts, Cameron Products is a pioneer in smoking products for home and commercial use. If you desire outdoor grilling or the indoor depends on you, Cameron Oak can be used basically anywhere. Oak is widely used in a wide range of meat products, mainly for sausages, by professional smoking professionals.


Wood quality

Oak is one of the most popular wood for smoking, and you can’t miss the taste of it. All-natural white oak hardwood wood parts are dried in the kiln and cut into small pieces of wood.

They create a rich smoky flavor when used in beef, pork, game, and poultry. Due to being cut from raw oak wood, they are the best quality of oak wood parts that can be seen in all of Cameron’s products.



Cut with precision This Cameron wood piece is not small or large but is about the desired size for your BBQ. However, since they are compounds of natural oak wood, their wood density varies there, which affects the bag’s size. The bag weighs about 10 pounds to smoke your BBQ when filled with pieces of wood.

Cameron wood parts can be mixed with cherry wood which is another light wood to give your ribs a smoky taste.

For best performance and a rich, delicious smoky aroma, it is recommended that you soak them for at least 20 minutes, then add them to your hot charcoal grill.


Oklahoma Joe’s

Oklahoma Joe’s

For those who like to smoke, this mini wooden log is perfect for you. It is mainly suitable for large BBQ applications or when you want your meat to smoke for a more extended period. Hickory create long burns that absorb the meat to get a lot of flavors.


Wood quality

Hickory dry wood products. The excellent quality of wood lugs for smoking a variety of meat products is all-natural. Without any additives, these wooden logs cut from the south produce a delicious smoky flavor.

You can use this Oklahoma Joe’s mini-log to smoke your ribs on charcoal grills or a smoker. Hickory wood will add flavor to your ribs with a strong sweet taste that most people say smells like bacon.



Compared to all the top choices of wood chips or chips in our list, we can say that this Oklahoma Joe’s mini log is too big.

However, they are also not full-size logs. These logs are average in size , About 6 to 8 ″ long,  and most bucks are about 14 lbs.

Ribs, brisket, sausage, and turkey can be used. Its price is quite affordable compared to other types of wood parts. Essentially large logs are perfect for big long cooks.


Traeger grills

Best Wood for Smoking Ribs

When looking for a pill grill clean burn and environmentally friendly, the Traeger Grills PEL305 mascot should be your best fit. Can smoke best for ribs made from 100% hardwood without any additional fillers or additives.


Wood quality

The wood used to make the mesquite pellet grill is 100% virgin hardwood. This gives you reliable compatibility as no unnatural additives or fillers are added. This is because this product comes with an unmatched taste.

Then even if you are baking, baking, grilling, smoking, brazing, wood-fired flavor, and mesquite flavor will definitely give your meal a scent that will awe you. It is the ideal wood for preparing meals like seafood, wild game, beef, and poultry.



Production process

They ensure that strict guidelines and instructions are applied and followed to produce high-quality pellets with whole smoking.

The pellets are made using a patented process that ensures that all pellets achieve the highest quality. This process uses most base woods such as oak and alder. The wood is then treated using wood oil from fragrant wood.

Traeger pellets are formulated using the right amount of moist material. This enables the pellets to achieve a clean burn that is reliable and smokes full blue.


Sustainable sourcing

They collect existing sawdust out of clean, green hardwood. Using sawdust, they make high-quality pellets. No matter, they make their pellets without harvesting a single tree. It is also made in a unique way that burns it clean and produces a little ash.