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Everything You Need to Know About SAS New Basic Programming Specialist, Performance Based Exam

SAS, one of the most popular and widely used analytics and big data tool providers, has recently retired from its degree awarded to most professionals. Yes, I am talking about the certified SAS Base Programmer. This certification has been the most popular and used for nearly 14 years. The changes were made as SAS conducted many surveys and discussions before this decision was made. They have replaced the OLD star with all the first performance-based programming credentials at industry request, i.e., SAS Certified Professional: Basic Programming with SAS (R)9. SAS candidates will be scheduled during this exam. Test delivery partners have also been modernized with SAS’s help to incorporate a live lab into this test and can be offered anywhere, anytime, and on-demand.

As assessment professionals, we know that a well-formulated multiple-choice test is a valid tool for assessing knowledge and skills. However, it was a request from many SAS users and hiring managers at SAS conferences, universities, and online communities. SAS listened to them – the credentials would be more valuable if it knew which candidates were coded into SAS during the test. This new test is as real as we can achieve, and we believe that potential employers will value the new credentials as an element in the app evaluation process. To the best of our knowledge and the information we have available, the new test, any SAS Base Programming for SAS (r) 9. It will be more useful, and the candidate should have this new test format, as most SAS candidates like to use the WHERE clause or the IF / THEN / ELSE subset. Or select / when / otherwise. During the test, you can choose the SAS environment: SAS Studio, SAS Enterprise Guide, or SAS Display Manager. The built-in help works, and you have access to the SAS documentation (of course, there is no Google, SAS Communities, or Skype). There is a 5-minute period at the start of the test to get to know the lab and prepare for your first question before the test timer starts. To help you prepare for your exam, SAS has released a new comprehensive practice exam and certification preparation guide.


Exam Details:

 Exam Name: SAS Certified Professional РBasic Programming with SAS 9

Exam time: 125 minutes

Test questions: Multiple-choice questions.

Passing score: Passing score is 725/1000.

Test price: $75


Exam content and curriculum

Access and create data structures

  1. Create temporary and permanent SAS datasets.
  2. Verify the SAS data libraries using the SAS utility necessary procedures.
  3. Access to data.
  4. Combining SAS data sets.
  5. Create and process SAS history values.
  6. Control the observations and variables in the SAS dataset that are processed and generated.


Data management

  1. Ranking of observations in the SAS dataset.
  2. Executing SAS clauses.
  3. Use the assignment instructions in the data step.
  4. Modify the attributes of the variables using the options and declarations in the Data step.
  5. Group subtotals and sums using data step statements.
  6. Use the SAS functions to process character data, numeric data, and SAS date values.
  7. Use SAS functions to convert data from personal to digital and vice versa.
  8. Data processing using DO LOOPS.
  9. Restructuring of SAS datasets using PROC TRANSPOSE.
  10. Use macro variables to simplify program maintenance.


Error handling

  1. Identify and solve programming logic errors.
  2. Identify grammatical mistakes and correct them.


Generate reports and results

  1. Create list reports using the PRINT procedure.
  2. Create summary reports and frequency tables using necessary SAS procedures.
  3. Optimize reports using formats, headings, footnotes, and user-defined SAS reporting options.
  4. Generating reports using the official documents system data.
  5. Export data.


Prepare for the SAS Institute Base Programmer Exam:

There are certification service providers who also offer new materials for the new test. The #1 provider of Big Data and Analytics exam Passin1day has also undergone a post practice test for the SAS Basic Programming Professional Exam. You can also check the Passin1day free practice test provided free to check SAS Institute Base Programmer Dumps quality.

Also, SAS recently started using Pearson VUE online monitoring, which allows you to test from your home or office (as long as your computer and internet connection meet the requirements). This is an excellent option for performance-based testing, as you can control the size of your screen.

A candidate who passes this new performance-based test must have programming and data management experience using SAS (R)9 and must be able to read and create data files, manipulate and transform data, create necessary details and summary reports using the SAS base procedures, identify and correct errors in syntax and logic programming.