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Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up Problem | Facebook Dating Not Working

Facebook Dating Not Showing Up Problem

I think you are all familiar with the Facebook app because Facebook is the largest social networking platform in the world and you are all using this platform and you should have at least one Facebook account on Facebook. So, if you have a profile on Facebook, then you are familiar with Facebook Dating.

If you do not know what Facebook Dating Profile is and how it works with the help of this article, we will tell you what Facebook Dating Profile is and we will give you Here’s how to fix dating without showing a problem on Facebook.


How to set up your Facebook dating profile?

How to set up your Facebook dating profile

First, you need to know how to set up your Facebook dating profile. If you don’t know, we’ll tell you how to set it up nicely. You do not need to install and download any 3rd party application or any new application to set up your Facebook dating profile.

You can set up this feature using just one Facebook app. All you need to do is click on Facebook and then the tab on the main menu, and open an option inside the menu is set. Here you can see the option of setting up your Facebook profile and you can select the option here in which you can select one option in which you can see the other option i.e., the race you are interested in then you choose your interest Can and you also need to fill in all the details.

They want to choose your religion, gender, height, height, weight, etc. And then Facebook asks some questions and after this, you need to complete your Facebook profile with a profile picture and when you complete all these steps, then Facebook Match your profile with another person with the same profile who has similar preferences and interests on Facebook.

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Why isn’t Facebook showing Facebook dating profiles?

Why isn't Facebook showing Facebook dating profiles

Facebook is the largest social networking platform, and Facebook currently has 2.7 billion monthly users who use Facebook which means it is one of the largest companies in the world. So, there are some reasons why the Facebook app may not appear. Below we tell you some of the reasons that don’t help you solve the Facebook dating problem.

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Facebook dating is banned in your country

Facebook dating is banned in your country

There is a ban on Facebook dating apps in your country which is a big reason not to show Facebook dating. Facebook has recently launched in the following countries: United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Colombia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay, Philippines, Suriname, Uruguay, And Vietnam.

So, if you live in any of these listed countries then you can only use the Facebook dating app features and if you are not a member of the listed countries, then you cannot use the Facebook dating service. So, have a little patience Facebook is thinking and working to expand these dating services to another country soon.


Age issues

If these dating services are in your country, but you can’t enjoy this service, then you’re not 18+ and Facebook dating doesn’t appear, and you can’t use this feature. You can only use Facebook dating if you are 18+. This is the Facebook policy and they follow this policy. If your Facebook profile is less than 18+, it may close your account. If you fill in the date of birth incorrectly on your Facebook profile, the Facebook team can easily catch you and block your account.

Sometimes some users over the age of 18+ can even write a minimum age in their profile which is why they can’t access this dating service. The simplest step is to scroll down and select your date of birth option and update and save your date of birth after you tab About tab and then tab on Contacts and Basic Information after tab on your profile. Now that you have updated your Facebook profile, you can access the Facebook Dating Service.


Some other reasons

Sometimes you don’t update your Facebook app or you can’t access the Facebook dating feature because of a weak internet or Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes you disable your Facebook notification so you can’t access the dating feature.The Sometimes after the Facebook server goes down you can see that Facebook dating is not shown but this is a rare case.

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How to fix Facebook dating without a problem?

You can fix this problem by simply checking out the methods below.

Facebook dating service is available in your country

Facebook dating service is available in your country

To fix this problem you need to know if a Facebook dating service is available in your country. If this service is available in your country but you can’t access this service, you need to update your Facebook application, once you update this application you can easily access this service, and you fixed this problem Can.


Weak internet connection and Facebook notification

Due to a weak internet connection, you can’t access the Facebook dating service at this time, you just need to check your internet or Wi-Fi connection properly and you also need to turn on your app notifications. So, if your internet is working properly and you enable your app notification, then you can fix this problem.


Facebook server down

Sometimes the Facebook server can be down which is why you can’t get the dating service in this case You can access the Facebook dating service while you wait for the Facebook server to start working.


Clear your Facebook cache or reinstall your Facebook app

Sometimes your app cache gets corrupted which is why in this case your app is not working properly you need to clear all the cache of your Facebook app and you can also remove this app from your device and you can re-install it through the play store and app Can download. Storing this can also help you fix your Facebook dating problem.

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