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Travel Vlogging 101: How to Grow Your Audience

As fun as travel vlogging is, many people are competing in this space. And everyone has the same question – how to grow your audience as a travel vlogger? You can read this to help yourself out on how to present your videos in travel marketing.

It may have been a simple question to answer in the beginning. But now, audience behavior is a lot different on Youtube. And people are no longer receptive to what’s average and ordinary.

You need to get creative and find ways to stand out in the common travel vlogging space to increase your audience.

Today, let me share a few tips with you that will help you get on your toes to find something interesting, and in turn, grow your viewership faster.


Have a story to start with

It’s a known fact that people connect with stories better. A lot of travel vloggers have filled the market now, and unless you have something unique to say, you will be classified as “yet another travel vlogger.”

The easiest way to differentiate your channel is by showcasing a background story and creating video content around the same.

For example, if you are staying around in a location, you come across a person who has probably worked there for years.

Here, while showing the location through your videos, you can also get people to emotionally connect with you and the person whose story you are sharing in it.

You can decide to have individual stories for all your videos or make a connecting theme across your entire channel that people can associate with. Whichever method you decide on, it needs to have a differentiating factor, no matter how small.


Face the camera

Spend some time getting comfortable with how your face looks on video. If you are not ready to show up on the camera, you may have a more difficult time growing your audience.

Remember, people are not just connecting with the story, but also with the storyteller here.

Now, that’s not to say you cannot have a successful faceless travel vlogging channel, but the difficulty factor will be much higher.


Balance quality and quantity

Youtube is about quality content posted consistently, you need to have good quality videos but also need to post them at regular intervals. A lot of full-time travel vloggers post videos daily. But when starting, this may seem like a lot.

In such a case, start with a schedule to post once or twice a week, and then grow from thereon. After you get used to making and editing videos, it will not be as difficult. And posting one video a day will become a routine.


Editing the videos to engage your Viewers

A boring video will get lost in the Youtube search results. Cut out what’s unnecessary, and keep only the “meat” of the content. One of the easiest ways is to use an online video editing tool like InVideo.

It saves a lot of time with the use of pre-designed templates and transitions for you to use.

Along with that, it also comes with intro and outro templates for your videos. For most of your travel videos, you’ll not need any more than what’s offered by a simple video editing tool like this one.


Create videos in a niche

Travel vlogging about everything, and everywhere you will take longer to gain the initial traction, even if you post consistently. When starting, you need to find a niche audience that has unsatisfied needs. Think of it this way, When you traveled to a specific location, what were all the questions you had, which of those questions had a good answer, and which of them had incorrect answers.

Apart from that, what came to you as a shocker when you visited a new place, and is that something a first-time traveler should know?

Pick up a narrow question and answer the question for every location that you visit.

If you want to discuss all the “shocking” parts of a location for new travelers, go about it and create videos related to the facts of every place you go to.


Optimize videos for Youtube

Youtube SEO is important. You can do everything right and still fail if you don’t consider how Youtube ranks videos.

There are three places your videos can show up on Youtube:

    1. Youtube search results
    2. Personalized homepage feed
    3. Suggested videos while a video is playing

The more places your video shows up, the better it is for growing your audience.

To rank your video in search results, optimize your video title, thumbnail, and description. Youtube ranks videos based on how many users click on how your video performs, how long they stay, and if they like, comment, or subscribe to the videos while they’re watching the videos. It’s as simple as asking someone to subscribe and support your channel to enhance the engagement metrics.

Subscribed users will automatically get your new videos in their feeds.

To show up in the suggested results, Youtube uses content relevance, a combination of your video title, description, and video tags. So use a few of the tags that videos similar to yours are using.


Stay consistent with your channel

The initial days are going to be slow. You have to start with the expectation that very few people will even know about your videos in the beginning. It takes a good few months to see any traction at all.

So no matter how slow your channel is growing initially, you have to stay consistent and do it for fun. As you begin to grow, you’ll no longer need to focus on the audience growing aspect of your channel as it will begin to grow organically.


Just have fun while starting as a travel vlogger. You have to be a traveler first, to be a travel vlogger. The slow initial traction should not deter the traveler in you from making videos. Travel vlogging is a long-term game, so stick to it while it picks up pace.