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Health Benefits of gaming

Video games are always viewed with suspicion. Whether we care about the eyesight of young children or premature ageing eyes, video games have long been associated with our sedentary, anti-social, technologically dependent lives.

While it is true that overeating, video games can be ill for a variety of reasons, it can also be true of most things in our lives. There are many popular unhealthy gaming habits to watch. You probably don’t know that gaming is healthy, do you?

These surprising tips make video games, in moderation, actually healthy and helpful.


Keep your brain fit

Ageing comes to all of us, and with it, there are a lot of health issues. It’s not just the age of your body and organs. Loss of cognitive function, short-term memory and attention span are a natural part of the ageing process. And studies show several hours of video games over eleven weeks, which helps your brain sharpen, focus better and learn new tasks and retain further information longer.


Improve brain flexibility

Covers a host of brain flexibility functions. Video games are designed to challenge your brain on multiple levels, to be challenging and entertaining. Your brain works by playing brain-training, role-playing or action-adventure games.

Switching back and forth between the right and left brain, between the physical and mental challenges involved in gameplay, increases your brain flexibility and cognitive function. It helps you learn and retains information longer!


Great low-impact exercise

Your Wii Fit and other physical games may not be the most challenging days at the gym. But they are not far off! Wii Sports and Wii Fit and other motion-controlled games have recently been shown to be as healthy as walking on a treadmill! Motion-controlled games also have an added benefit: they are great when you are recovering from an illness or injury.

Physiotherapists and retirement homeowners have some motion-controlled consoles on their premises, for those who want to stay fit and healthy, but struggle with regular exercise. So, if you can’t do it in the gym, do it for the playroom!


Hand-eye coordination

This is not surprising since we have already covered the positive effects that video games have on multi-tasking and brain flexibility.

But the ability to respond quickly to movement on the screen and focus with one mind on visual cues can have a significant impact on your hand-eye coordination.

Recent studies suggest that teenagers and college students may actually overwhelm medical residents with the difficult task of virtual surgery because they are accustom to a similar setup with a gaming console. This is enough to devote more time to med students!


Improve relationships and bonding

Not only do video games help you make social connections, but they also help you strengthen existing bonds. Family Game Night or Romantic Night playing your favourite game is sure to evoke a great bonding experience, memories, private jokes and plenty of shared passion.

Like most things in our fast-moving, modern and technologically dependent lives, video games can be distracting and addictive. But they are also a great way to stress free. And also help to develop the cognitive function and slow down the ageing process in your brain.

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Using games to stay away from the world is not always a good idea. But they are a great way to solve a wide variety of mental, mental and physical health issues.

“To make an awkward admission, I like video games. This is what got me into software engineering when I was a young. I wanted to make money. So, I could buy a well computer to play latest video games – nothing like saving the world.”

– Elon Musk