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Philo: Live and On-Demand TV

Philo: Live and On-Demand TV

Philo Review – Live and On-Demand TV

Philo MOD APK is a popular live TV streaming service that also offers on-demand content. It supports devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

The service’s channel lineup focuses on entertainment and lifestyle channels rather than sports or news programs. This is a great fit for cord-cutters who want to cut the cable but still want access to popular shows.


Live TV

Philo is a live TV streaming service that offers 70+ channels to choose from. These include popular cable and satellite networks, as well as a plethora of on-demand content. It also has an unlimited DVR that lets you save shows to watch at your leisure.

The service’s on-demand library includes thousands of movies, series, and TV shows to watch. This includes past seasons of many popular shows, such as Killing Eve and Fixer Upper from HGTV. The service also has a variety of movies from partner channels, such as Super 8 and Spaceballs.



While it’s not quite as extensive as its competitor Discovery+, Philo does offer a wide range of options for those looking to watch their favorite shows. It offers 16 drama and sitcom channels, including AMC, Comedy Central, and Lifetime; 16 reality channels; and eight kids’ channels.

It also has six discovery channels and nine cooking and home channels, including HGTV and the Cooking Channel. You can also find channels for movies, sports, and more.

If you’re looking to watch TV on the go, Philo has an iOS app and a Chrome browser on Android devices. It’s also compatible with most major streaming media players, including Roku and Apple TV, YouTube Music Premium.

However, some devices may experience slow or rebuffering streaming. To ensure the best possible experience, it’s recommended to have an Internet connection that’s at least 7 Mbps for HD streams and 3 Mbps for SD streams.

The downside to Philo is that it doesn’t offer any live sports or news programming. This can be a big deal for some streamers who prefer to watch ESPN, CNN, or local news channels.

If you do miss the sports and news, there’s a cheaper alternative to Philo, Sling TV. Sling offers a $35 monthly package that includes some of the channels you’re missing from Philo.

If you don’t mind skipping the sports and news, though, Philo could be a great value for you. It’s also worth mentioning that the company’s customer support team is very responsive, so it’s easy to contact them when you have any issues or questions. Its 61-channel plan is affordable, and you can try it for free for a week to see if it’s right for you.



Philo is a great way to watch TV without the hassle of a cable. You can watch 65+ channels and a library of on-demand shows and movies for just $25 a month. This includes all the popular networks like AMC, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, and Discovery Channel, as well as some of the best lifestyle and entertainment channels.

There are more than 70,000 hours of on-demand content available, so you never run out of things to watch. Plus, Philo has a DVR that lets you record as many episodes as you want and watch them whenever you want.

You can also use the DVR to skip ads during certain shows. However, this feature is not available on all channels and may not work for every show.

In addition to the standard lineup of channels, Philo also offers an extensive library of on-demand content, including shows and movies from top channels such as AMC, Comedy Central, Paramount, and more. You can stream this content on Philo using any web browser or device that supports the service.

Philo is compatible with Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, Roku, and PC or Mac computers through your Internet browser. It also has a mobile app that can be used to view on the go.

Another feature of Philo that makes it stand out is its unlimited DVR capacity, which allows you to save as many shows and movies as you want for 30 days. This feature is incredibly helpful for those who have busy schedules and need to catch up on missed episodes.

The DVR function is very easy to use and works great, without any buffering issues or stuttering. It even has a recommendation feature that helps you find other shows similar to what you are watching.

There are also several user profiles that you can create to personalize your experience. Each profile has its own sign-in credentials, saved shows and watch history. You can also add up to three different devices to your account.

Philo has a 7-day free trial that allows you to try all its features before committing to the service. Afterward, you will be charged your monthly subscription fee through credit or debit card.



Philo’s DVR is a great way to back up your favorite TV shows when they’re airing. It’s free and easy to use, so you won’t need any skills to start storing your favorite shows and movies on the service.

The DVR function works on most Philo-supported devices, including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and most smart TVs. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a compatible device.

You can save a show or movie from any of the Philo channels to your DVR, but only for 30 days after it airs. You can also use the DVR to record past seasons of your favorite TV shows.

Unlike most other live TV streaming services, Philo doesn’t let you skip ads during live shows or movies. However, you can fast-forward through the commercials during a DVR-recorded show or movie.

Philo’s DVR also automatically saves 3-day replays of shows and movies, so you can watch them later at a higher resolution if you like. This is similar to how YouTube and Hulu let you skip ads during live streams.


Philo Free Account

One big drawback to the Philo DVR is that you can’t delete recordings before the 30 day expiration date. This is in line with other streaming services, but it can be a bit annoying.

If you’re a movie fan, you’ll love that you can catch the latest blockbusters and classic hits on the Philo lineup. In addition, it’s great that you can find a wide variety of documentaries and other nonfiction programming on the network.

Another channel worth checking out is MGM HD, which showcases films from the MGM library. The channel features blockbusters, genre films and hidden gems, as well as the classic MGM film franchises.

A final great option is CINEMOI, which focuses on films, fashion and international style. This channel also features the latest in movie news and events, as well as the hottest new talent.

Overall, Philo is an excellent choice for families and college students who want an affordable and reliable service that offers a huge selection of entertainment channels. It’s also a good option for anyone who wants to watch their favorite TV shows on-demand, as the service offers thousands of titles for viewing.


Philo Pricing

For a fraction of the cost of some cable TV subscriptions, you can stream live television on a variety of devices with Philo. The service includes over 60 channels, including popular entertainment networks like Comedy Central, Food Network, MTV, BBC World News, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Network.

For many people, this is an affordable alternative to the high cost of traditional cable. But it’s worth noting that Philo doesn’t include the major national networks or dedicated sports channels found in most other live TV streaming services. This can be a deal-breaker for some households.

Fortunately, it’s easy to add on extras to make your Philo experience more tailored to you and your family. For an additional fee, you can access premium movie and entertainment channels, such as Starz or Epix.


Cost $25

The basic Philo plan costs $25 a month for 60-plus channels. It also includes a number of add-ons, which allow you to get additional channels with more content. For example, you can add the Epix movie pack for $6 or the STARZ channel pack for $9.

This is a much simpler pricing structure than that of competitors, and it makes it easy to customize your plan and add-ons. The add-ons also come with a free trial.

With the add-ons, you can watch a wide variety of movies and shows, from classic Hollywood flicks to the latest blockbusters. You can also watch your favorite shows on demand whenever you want.

You can also watch on up to three devices at once with the Philo app. This is a nice feature, especially if you have multiple streaming devices around the house. It also allows you to skip commercials manually.


10 Users per Account

As a bonus, Philo lets you set up personalized profiles for 10 users per account. This allows you to customize your viewing experience and keep track of which devices you have access to.

In addition to streaming, you can download your saved shows and episodes from the app for offline viewing. All of this is backed up by unlimited DVR storage.

The Philo app is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. It can also be accessed through most smart TVs and streaming devices.